Sunday, July 29, 2012

Revisiting Bobby Trendy!

Image via TMZ

Remember Bobby Trendy? The interior designer of Anna Nicole Smith back in 2001 or so. She had a show on MTV or VH1 (I think) and he did most of her interiors in this seen in this photo. He was delightfully over-the-top gay and wore lipstick? I also felt like he was using her at the time for fame, fortune and clients. His eye was horrifying. To be fair, I guess it was Anna Nicole's taste, but I don't think a lot of designers would want to put their names on the above styled space. Then again, maybe he made so much money that he just didn't care. As I told my friend Scott many, many times "Not everyone can be bought, Scott." This was in reponse to what kinds of disgusting things I'd do for $1 Million. 

I think I always ruined the game by saying "It's not even a million, it's like $600,000 after taxes if you're lucky!" which would be met with an annoyed sigh.

I digress. As per usual!

Trendy Style Rooms a la Bobby. This is from and I can't be sure if this is a Bobby room OR if it was inspired by him:

Needless to say...great for a tween!

I think it's the bows that get me
Image via

What would be FUN here? To do the thing Domino magazine used to do "Turn this outfit into a Room"!! RIP Domino. God, I loved that magazine!

The competition is ON, friends! I dare you to turn this outfit into a room!  

Hit me with your best shot!

And....I"d be remiss if I didn't share Mr. Trendy's real blog for design- this homepage shows a more grown up and subdued Bobby..

Hope your Sunday is fabulous and thanks for taking a trip down memory lane with me!!




Anonymous said...

I've ALREADY turned that outfit into a room! And another outfit! It's so enormous that it could be broken down into other, smaller outfits. Is your baby missing a Vegas style meringue outfit for her "Copa Cabana" tribute? Look no further!

lol on "not everything can be bought, Scott."

I never, ever, watched the Anna Nicole Smith show. I couldn't stand it, so I've been sheltered from Mr. Trendy's trends. Yay!

baby outfits made out of used parachutes,
your cousin/bff/Kim said...

Lol Kim San! keep me young!! said...

Lol Kim San! keep me young!!