Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bethenny Frankel's NYC Apt.

I was just so excited for it.

I really was.

I watched her show. The new HUGE apartment seemed to have so much promise.

She used the designers that did "Something's Gotta Give." Remember how amazing Diane Keaton's house was in that movie?

Well...Frankel's has NONE of that warmth and appeal.

I know she's getting divorced so part of me wondered "Did this happen because she and Jason weren't getting along? they couldn't agree on anything so it turned into this cold, white mess?"

The ONE sweet spot? Baby Bryn's room.
(Via http://hookedonhouses.net/2013/02/13/bethenny-frankels-newly-remodeled-loft-in-nyc/)

This kitchen is in some desperate need of a little warmth. I'm not sure Cookie is even happy!

I'm not a huge fan of this either, but that's just me.

What do you think? Love it? Hate it? Am I WRONG??

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Tripping Down Memory Lane.

Remember these? Sea Wees?! Thanks to this blog and for my BFF for letting me know about it:


She did a post about things remembered from childhood. I think you're going to at least be in your mid 30's to recall a lot of this stuff, but what do I know? I can only say that when I saw the photo of the Sea Wees, I became emotional! I LOVED them! I brought them in the bathtub and they swam. I was little and I just thought they were magical. Up until seeing this photo, I had entirely forgotten that I had ever loved them!

I got a pair (or maybe more than one, who knows?) of these in 7th grade. I thought they were cute, but from what I recall they just made your feet really sweaty. Shoe + Plastics? Brilliant Idea! Ha!

Friendship Pins! LOVED these! I think I bought a little kit and made my own, thus making it possible to give away TO friends, and to seem like I had more than I actually did.

 Head over to Disorganized Thoughts For The Day Blog to see more. You will enjoy it!!


And while you're at it? Rock this Saturday!



Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gifts For YOU on Love Day!

Photo Credit: Facebook and my sweet friend Erick Skyler! No need to thank me, folks! Just enjoy the eye candy!!

This just made me laugh out loud yesterday. No, it's not funny that the baby would be drinking. The fake story is funny! And I love that he clearly lives in Ireland!

Swoony Doggie Love!! I'd pay WAY MORE for a kiss!

Good point! I also would like to add coffee drinkers. All jacked up on caffeine = All fun!

I don't think I wanted to do this even when I was poor, 19 and living in Uptown Minneapolis! No thanks!

I love Portlandia! It's just so..odd. Brad doesn't really enjoy it and rarely laughs. It makes me snort,but it's not always funny. At times, it's just uncomfy to watch! The best episode ever is when these two go out to eat in Portland. They're obsessed with the free range chicken they are about to order. They want to see its "papers" and find out the name of the chicken, etc. Very funny!

LOL.   [Via Rookiemag.com]

That's all folks! Hope you have a lovely day. Brad and I were supposed to head to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and dinner someplace in Minneapolis. He's tired from working nights and we'll probably do that tomorrow. I hear french toast calling my name.

Must answer!

Happy Love Day!



Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Donuts. Amazing Hair Tutorials & Pic Of The Day!

First and foremost: Blogger is doing some odd things TO ME. At least it feels that way. I post pics and links and the links don't show up after I publish it and the view of the posts are kind of wonky. I'm working on it. Or am I? I was also recently inspired by the CRAPTASTIC blog and have decided to start trying to pretty up my blog, make it more unique and start getting it on over at Pic Monkey. Rome was not built in a day, people. Wait for it. Found this blog today via Pinterest and I have got to say- I have hope for my hair yet! I've never known how to curl my hair to get Taylor Swift waves or to do much to my hair. I recently chopped off four inches in my bathroom. Eek! I have a tendency to do this in February. A few years back I thought I'd look cute with some short, mod bangs so I cut them myself. Blog is here: http://eisymorgan.blogspot.com/p/about-me.html HORROR!! I showed up at my best friend's house. To this day she laughs and says "You looked spooked and said 'Oh my god! What have I done? I think I might throw up!'" Now that I'm the 4.1 version of Tina (aka..age 41)I find that I care a lot less. I've had moments over the past two days where I saw my hair and said "I love it!" and then "Oh my god...let's paint something." Or maybe even eat a donut! Today's breakfast!
This is not my usual breakfast of champions. Brad showed up from work with a bag of donuts. What am I supposed to do? Pretend like they're NOT staring at me? Throw them in the garbage? Don't want to be rude!! This photo says it all...I am in 150% agreement with whomever wrote this!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentines Inspiration.

Have I done this already? Perhaps. But nothing like THIS below. Trust me. I found it on Etsy the other day and..well..I did what I do. I laughed out loud. Then I viewed more items and was giggling and somewhat horrified. No offense to the Etsy shop. It's a particular customer. I then did the next thing I ALWAYS do. Started harassing my BFF via email at work with the imagery. It's what I do. Yes, she's had "words with me" regarding this behavior before. Now I type something similar to "Be careful while opening this!" in the subject line OR "Do NOT open this with your boss behind you!" May I present to you all...Valentines Day gifts for the man in your life.
Want to see more? Want to make someone a bit uncomfy perhaps? Then go here and RUN, don't walk! You're welcome, America and Beyond! I dream in cookies, do you? Ever had a dream where you're eating everything at the dessert buffet and you've completely lost control? No? Damn you because I HAVE! You say Red Velvet Batter? I say "that's my LOVE LANGUAGE!"
If you need some of this like I think you do, click on the link below to take you "to there"...nod to Tina Fey: Alright...I had more in store but there's an angry puppy crying at me to go to bed. How weird is that? He wants to be UPSTAIRS in the bed after 10pm. No change ups, NO MERCY!! I've shoveled a crapload of snow in the past day here. I'm not ready to talk about it yet. Sweet Dreams My Sweet Peeps! xo T

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Helping Dogs. Five Euro Fridays.

I found Milena from Saving Suffering Strays on Facebook recently. I am impressed by her tireless efforts to feed, house, love and find shelter and forever homes for the many street dogs and strays in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina. It seems the government there is quite corrupt with regard to animals and it's quite sad. To read more about what Milena does, here is her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Saving-Suffering-Strays-Sarajevo/108269329313209 If you want to help at all, ever, you can donate anytime or she has "Five Euro Fridays" where a donation of around $6.75 USD helps her to feed and find homes for these sweet animals. Am I a dog lover? Yes. I can honestly say I was pretty unaware of the cruelty towards animals all over the globe until recently. I could never watch those ASPCA commercials. I've recently become vegetarian (not because of dogs, but because of how we treat animals here and everywhere. I don't hate anyone for eating meat. I just don't want to anymore.)and I must say the main thing is this: When you see something inhumane, awful or offensive, you have to DO something. I'm trying to put my money where it helps and makes sense. Once you know, you can't go back and pretend to not know. And in my opinion, kind people hanging around and knowing about evils, but doing nothing to help just helps evil prevail. Wasn't it Maya Angelou that said "When you know better, you do better." I think that's true of my life. All I want to do now is pass on causes that are important to me. Feel free to come back when I chat about cake. I'm passionate about design, CAKE AND animals. I can also stick it right up my arse, but this is how I feel. The reason I feel compelled to help here (and I do domestically as well.) is because the government is so corrupt and here in the USA, in most places we don't just have puppies born who then end up wandering the streets searching for food in garbages. I feel like I MUST do something to help. And again, I am so impressed and humbled by what I see Milena do everyday. You can see daily photos of many street dogs in her flat being fed by her, Milena on the streets with bags of dogfood feeding the animals. It's incredibly sad but very inspiring.
Here is Milena's Mission: My name is Milena Malasevic - I am desperate about the plight of stray dogs in Bosnia-Herzogevina. So many are suffering from abuse, neglect, starvation and there are hardly any shelters in the whole country. Many people believe strays should be killed rather than neutered or spayed and kill dogs themselves with rifles and sling shots - there are also regular poisonings - dogs die here every day. Not that long ago youths in Sarajevo attached a firework to a dog's face and a couple cemented dogs into a wall - abuse here is sadly a day to day occurrence. I have the most urgent dogs in my tiny flat 12th floor and in kennels - and I go each day to feed and care for the many many hungry dogs in my area (150-200), which includes an industrial park. I love all the dogs I care for and they love me. For them it is the only love and care they have ever known. I arrange adoptions but I desperately need financial help to pay for food, vet bills and kennels. I am always looking for adopters - I foster dogs in my flat and use kennels and am always looking for forever homes. I feature dogs for adoption on this page and in the photos section. In the last 4 years I have helped 300 dogs to find new homes including here, Germany, Holland, Italy, Florida, Norway, Croatia and Slovenia. Thanks for taking the time to read, peeps! Holla for the Dogs who CAN'T Holla! xo T

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Revisiting Kitchen Before And After!

I first posted this last March. I think I may have had two followers. Now I have a few more....

Thought it might be fun to revisit this again. Why? To show people I can do more than talk about cake, my dogs and what I want to eat!

Enjoy friends! It was a lot of work and YES, white cabinets seem to get dirty often..BUT it's totally worth it!!