Saturday, February 16, 2013

Tripping Down Memory Lane.

Remember these? Sea Wees?! Thanks to this blog and for my BFF for letting me know about it:

She did a post about things remembered from childhood. I think you're going to at least be in your mid 30's to recall a lot of this stuff, but what do I know? I can only say that when I saw the photo of the Sea Wees, I became emotional! I LOVED them! I brought them in the bathtub and they swam. I was little and I just thought they were magical. Up until seeing this photo, I had entirely forgotten that I had ever loved them!

I got a pair (or maybe more than one, who knows?) of these in 7th grade. I thought they were cute, but from what I recall they just made your feet really sweaty. Shoe + Plastics? Brilliant Idea! Ha!

Friendship Pins! LOVED these! I think I bought a little kit and made my own, thus making it possible to give away TO friends, and to seem like I had more than I actually did.

 Head over to Disorganized Thoughts For The Day Blog to see more. You will enjoy it!!

And while you're at it? Rock this Saturday!




rachel said...

Totally had the jellies and friendship beads. I vaguely remember Sea Wees, but I don't think I had any. I was really into Strawberry Shortcake. I even had the sheets on my bed.

Grace said...

I had jellies and friendship pins but sadly no Sea Wees. I would have loved them. I remember at about 10 years of age desiring a singing mermaid doll with every fiber of my being, but my mom didn't get it for me. Hmmm, I wonder why she didn't want to get me a SINGING mermaid doll...