Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Fun.

The good news is that when the weather is rad here, I spend most of my time outdoors! Ya and Hoo!

The bad news- it's now 97 degrees and will be 99 tomorrow and hot all week.

Why is this bad? My BFF's central air stopped working in her home! And it's super spendy to fix, so for now..she has two AC units in her home. I'm not sure they're up to task and I know she's bummed.

Please send cool air prayers and vibes to one Kimberly Bott. Thank You!

I'm working on Etsy orders, feel the need to go hit a drive thru of some sort for junk food (read- fries! Always fries! A vegetarian taco sounds good, but can you even get that at Taco Bell? Shannan?!) and a cone.

The Minnesota State Fair is happening just four blocks from our house, so it's a bit of a nightmare here. Just yesterday as I walked Curtis, I had the good fortune of finding a half drank can of Busch's beer in our driveway. Thank you Fair Patrons and STAY CLASSY! Ugh. The city has placed garbage cans on every block. Why are people so damned lazy?

My Sunday share for you...enjoy!


Enjoy Your Sunday!

Cones, Fries and All Things Fine!



Friday, August 9, 2013

Summer Love Continues...

Mmm Hmmm..that's right!

I am riding this summer out in a blaze of unicorns and love! I see that the days are getting shorter. When I let the dogs out to pee at 5AM, it's no longer light but dark. I've "noticed" that it's starting to darken at night around 8:30 rather than 9:30PM. It does make me feel a bit sad and ill. Yet I refuse to realize it's really happening. Our summer only began here in mid June, so I will continue to ball it for all it's worth!

What I've been up to:

Hit Stillwater the other day with my very best friend. It was LOVELY. We painted that town and Hudson, Wisconsin (across the river) RED! We visited locally owned bookstores where I found THE cutest book I may have ever seen. The Day The Crayons Quit.
Each crayon writes to Duncan with their complaints. I fell in love! The red crayon is overused. The pink sends him a letter asking "Why don't you ever use me?".  The peach crayon wants to know why he's naked (the crayon peeling has been removed) because now he's embarrassed and can never leave the box and on and on. I was charmed. I feel like I want to read it each  night to myself. Is that odd at age 41? If it is, I don't wanna be normal!

We had lunch at a great restaurant on the water in Hudson, Wisconsin. I think it was called Pier 500? Delicious food and a great key lime dessert in a martini glass. I have to upload the pics to  my computer here.

I slept weird the night before and could hardly move my neck to the right. After lunch, Kim gave me a neck massage on a park bench here. I'm sure it looked incredibly bizarre, but I was in pain. We laughed about it and joked "Maybe this would look more normal if you had a beachy sign that said MASSAGES $40"

She maintains that most people looked on with envy rather than judgement. I'd be jealous, too.

Me. This picture looks like freedom, does it not?

The water even looked clean! If you squint a bit, you can pretend you're at the ocean!

Watertown Inn, Stillwater. This is where Brad proposed to me in March of 2008!

We rounded out the night at Tremblay's Candy Shop. For those of you who've seen "Due Date"- I refer to this store as Ethan Tremblay's Candy Corner!

Found the Key Lime!

And I found this while thrifting one day. I should have bought it! Someone needs to tell my older sister this. She wears starvation and deprivation like a badge of honor. I always say: there will be no congrats or a party at the end of my life for withholding foods or being the skinniest lady anyone knew!

I'm off to eat something good and probably watch some sort of movie or TV.

Have a beautiful weekend!



Monday, August 5, 2013

H & M Love!

Yes, you read that right.

I'm beginning a love affair with H & M! I've known about them for awhile.

Why have I never really shopped there? My god, the prices! I'm most excited about the home decor.

The reason I haven't shopped there: I forget, friends.

If it's not on the list, it doesn't get done.

I give you...a few of my faves today. I could have even afforded some of this stuff as a poor student!
I don't need this, but I think that carting around laundry or who-knows-what on a daily basis MAY make me happier with it. If you feel the same way, go here!

I can only say that the prices are competitive with Ikea- and I never saw that coming! Related sidebar: The new Ikea catalog is OUT! Has anyone received it yet?

No more links for items as there are two above. Now just some fun stuff I love!

I like using pretty candleholders in the bathroom (post candle death!) as apothecary jars. You're welcome, America! ;-)

The price on this is cray-cray! Less than $13!

In other news, I am missing my 10 year old nephew Emerson something FIERCE! He's with his dad for the remainder of the summer! They are currently road tripping through the southwest. I did get to see his cute face this morning on FaceTime! Thank you, iPhone! I'm enjoying my summer. Trying to stay off of the computer and enjoy people, doggies and things in the moment.

Have a beautiful week!