Monday, November 26, 2012

A Few Before And Afters.

Hello All!

Hope everyone had a great holiday and extended weekend. It snowed here on Thanksgiving. I had some sort of weird allergic reaction to something and had angry red hives all over my eyes for a few days. I looked  a bit like Woogie from "There's Something About Mary". It was awful and I had to stay home on  Turkey Day as I felt sick as well. Needless to say, it was sad and depressing BUT Brad went, had fun and took lots of photos. 

Image via
Yep, this is how I looked and it was all around and on the eyes. After day 2 and 3 of it, I felt like a monster. "I have never felt prettier."

But now..on to Before and Afters here as of late...
Does anyone remember this beautiful frame that I bought for a STEAL?


I painted it a bit and added a corkboard insert and two layers of burlap. I love it. I also put a little frame within the whole frame and I quite like it. The photo is one I found while ill and perusing my bedside table drawers! Old pictures and some of Brad and Emerson at our first Thanksgiving, cookie making and Christmas! Emerson looked SO little because he was (age 4+) and his face had that kid chubbiness. SO. CUTE. That was also the thanksgiving where Brad cooked amazingly good food for me, him, Emerson and my sister Dawn. Our joke from that year? Emerson sitting down at the table and honestly saying "Well..I don't like this, this OR THIS!" while he pointed at various foods. It was hilarious.

I love it. I especially love the juxtaposition between the ornate frame and the coarse burlap. Brad always laughs when I use juxtaposition and amalgamation...whatevs!

Next up. The cabinet doors I found at a thrift shop for $1. I had no idea what I wanted to do with them but my BFF encouraged me by yelling "Buy THEM NOW!" ..okay..not really but it makes for a more dramatic story. They sat in my studio for a long, long time. It's now been turned into a landing place for winter coats and scarves in our entry thanks to white paint, some Target wrapping paper and a few pretty pulls from our friends at the Home Depot.

Great news..the AFTER will have to be a surprise! I have been having problems with my storage quota on here and apparently..I am out of storage yet again! RARRR! I'm new to blogger..and am figuring things out.

Damn you, Wolf Blitzer!

It's just a random and non sensical thing I like to yell at times.

More when this issue is resolved.

Until then..has anyone gone to FashionABLE? Beautiful scarves at a great price point helping women get out of prostitution. A win, win. You buy a beautiful scarf, a woman in Africa has a skill, a job, dignity and a chance at a better life. Found out about it from Shannan at Flower Patch  Farmgirl, because she rocks  and am so inspired!

Putting my computer skills to work..or having a late brunch. A flip of the coin and the choice shall be made...

Have a beautiful day!



Sunday, November 18, 2012

Twinkies Will Survive. Sigh Of Relief. Warm November. Homeland Obsession.

By now I assume you've all heard of the Hostess strike and bankruptcy. I know, I know, take solace in Little Debbie so many people have said...someone will buy Hostess, etc. But NO ONE else makes Twinkies like Hostess. Those chemically laden treats just aren't the same when made by another company and I love them!!

Imagine my relief when I saw this story on Yahoo news tonight:

what's most important is this part:

"DETROIT (AP) — Twinkie lovers, relax.
The tasty cream-filled golden spongecakes are likely to survive, even though their maker will be sold in bankruptcy court."
Photo Credit: Yahoo and Yahoo Finance.

RELIEVED. In the big picture of life, not a huge deal. Or even a YUGE deal- if that's how you choose to pronounce it. But it did bum me out a little bit. 

In other news...can't seem to properly upload Emerson's recorder version of "Mary Had A Little Lamb." Dammit! It was sooo cute!  It's been weirdly warm here in Minnesota for the past few days. Like upper 50's which is very odd for November. It feels great!! I have put blue christmas lights on some of our trees due to the warmth and the fact that it wasn't hellish doing it.  I'll possibly have some pics soon. Right now I need two more sets of lights and then it should be all good.

I also keep forgetting to mention that on election day in Albertville, MN that my husband Brad penciled me in for city judge! LOL. When he told me this I was surprised, yet immediately "professional" and said "Well thank you for your vote, Brad!" Why didn't I think to do something similar?

I just bought a whole pumpkin pie tonight and then forgot any kind of whipped topping...rarrr!! I also saw my niece Kirsten last night for dinner and had some amazing butternut squash ravioli.  It was like comfort food times 100. Brilliant!

My beautiful  nieces Madison and Kirsten. 

Thanks to my B/F/F who loaned Brad and me Season One of "Homeland" a few weeks ago, we are now officially obsessed! So good! We watched the whole season on a cold Saturday.  Then we started recording the rest currently on. We couldn't get all of them in order and one day I told him "I can't wait anymore. I'm going to start watching them!" so we watched what we had and filled in the episodes we couldn't see thanks to a blogger/fan!  Why am I going on about this? Because a new episode airs tonight on Showtime! I was happy about it when I woke up. Weird? Perhaps. Haven't watched? You should. AmazeBALLS.

Photo via

Finally...Curtis is half weiner dog and is now continually standing up on his back legs, hands up in the air and is now "High Fiving" Brad on a regular basis. It's. So. Cute. So much so it almost hurts to watch. 

Hope your Sunday was and is beautiful.



Friday, November 16, 2012

Etsy Weekly Finds!

Yes,'s that time!!

May I present to you all my fave things this week via Etsy! Things that will make you laugh, smile, possibly cry (WHAT?!) and maybe even make you wonder...why didn't I think of that? I was going to do Pinterest finds as well, but I found so much on Etsy that this will be all Etsy, All The Time!

First up...Bat Dog Penny! Can this be more darling? Doubt it. If you know me, you know I love animals and dogs in particular!
Via MamaPictureThis on Etsy!

More from this shop below. Beautiful digital art images, holiday images, nature. can't get any better!


And this snowflake card below:

And the Frosty cards! Love traditional holiday stuff:

Next up. Jewelry! Emerson wants a necklace with his birthstone (garnet, January) for his bday or christmas. I was trying to find him something unisex that doesn't scream "Girl!" or "I love Justin Bieber!" and here it is, minus the pearl for him:
Via TheresaRose on Etsy:

Need some cool sugar cubes? Me too! Well, not really...but this makes me FEEL like I need them:
From WishingWellArt on Etsy:

Like butterflies? So beautiful! Check out what GrimsmilesShop makes on Etsy!

From DewyMorningVintage on Etsy..looks like Brad's stepdad Ron a.k.a. "Ronimal"'s the white hair and moustache! For a time, I kept seeing men who looked just like this.. white hair, white stache and finally Brad became annoyed with me and said  "You think everyone looks like Ron!" Me: "No, I don't. Just the above 70 set with the same hair and facial hair who DO look like Ron! It must be a fashion thing at that age. Don't blame me that he has multiple doppelgangers!" It's sold, which makes me a bit sad...but this shop has other great stuff! Lesson learned: If you see something that looks like an in-law, BUY it! You never know when you'll be able to gift someone you love with their very own image!

I bought these exact white legwarmers from Larisa on Etsy a few weeks back! I've worn them and they are well made, comfy and they make my leggings look cuter AND I also wore them with skirt and boots the other day:
Via TT Accessories on Etsy:

Now this necklace is just PRETTY! She also makes very beautiful scarves and bolero jackets out of comfy knits. What?! Did I say comfy knits? You KNOW it!

And I give you..comfy knits!!
Via Via

And where is baby NEVER supposed to be? Yep, in a corner!

I bought a scarf from Deanna of Deroucheau on Etsy last season and it is well made, warm and so pretty! She now has some of her items being sold at Anthropologie! She's also the pretty girl modeling her scarves! Love her stuff:
Via Deroucheau on Etsy:

Finally...Drakestone Designs on Etsy makes the cutest stuff for kids and adults! Love this barnwood frame with the monogrammed burlap insert:

And cutest items for kids spaces! Made with reclaimed wood, which I love as I'm a BIT of a recycling and upcycling "weirdo" as I've been told. Whatevs.
Via Drakestone Designs on Etsy:

Brad and I received an impromptu recorder concert from Emerson just last night at his mommy's (and my sister Dawn) bday dinner! He took it out of its soft case, put the cord around his neck (they have cords on them nowadays! How fancy!) and he played a wonderful and touching rendition of "Mary Had A Little Lamb" except he called it a different name. A few restaurant patrons got very quiet and then...applause and cheers! He looked a bit embarrassed, but quite proud! I recall playing the recorder and don't recall being very good at it. Brad took a video..if I can upload it here, you'll see it soon!

Have a wonderful day & great weekend!!



Thursday, November 15, 2012

Life As Of Late.

This pretty much sums it up, folks!!

Photo Credit: Unsure, but I can say I got it from my sister Tracey via email. Sorry for the lack of info, but too cute not to share!!

I think tomorrow I may be doing a weekly Pinterest and Etsy love/finds! See you here tomorrow!



Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Whatever Wednesday.


I'm feeling sick, Curtis seems a bit ill, Daisy was groomed the other day and it completely stresses her out. They didn't trim her dew claws so Brad had to bring her BACK this morning as we're not equipped. It's been a slightly stressful 24+ hours. Curtis wouldn't eat this morning as Brad was feeding him, but he kept coming upstairs (Curtis) to lay with me. I finally got him to eat, walked him down the street (looking VERY fancy as one does when ill. CRAZY town hair, bleary eyed, mismatched weird outfit. Said outfit was WAY too warm for the nice day that it is..furthering the crazy look. So what does Curtis do? Starts rolling in something FOUL in some long grasses. I try to get him out, he goes back down into it..rolling...rolling..loving. Eventually his leg and front paw get stuck in his leash as he's rolling..I notice there's POOP he's rolling in. I smell something awful. I realize he's as dirty as a frenchman (Gotcha!) and needs a bath and I feel weak and lame.

I love you, Curtis...but what's up with the filth-loving? WHY?

Brad ended up giving him a bath. As I've mentioned, Brad really shouldn't be kneeling or doing anything like that right now, but this was an emergency. He's clean now and smells GREAT! He's been running up and down the hallway upstairs like a crazy weinerschnitzel! Currently he and Daisy are fighting over their new ball that was chewed in half and disassembled in less than an hour the other night.  Curtis had his first trip into Petsmart! I think he did pretty well. He peed in a few spots but it's okay there and they have the pet clean up stations, so I just grabbed towels and wiped up. He narrowly missed the cards with his pee (Thank you, GOD!) and starting going a bit nuts so I took him back outside where he peed on everything and anything. Good times, folks! He also chewed up our memory card for the camera the other day. I took it out of the computer, dropped it and he had it in less than a second. new pictures! Waiting on one from Amazon....

In lieu of new photos, cute photo of the day! I never thought of doing this with any of the geckos I've seen while on vacation..but now..who knows?

I'll leave you with my one year anniversary gift to Brad back in 2009...bought on Etsy from BraggingBags. Apparently the four year custom is fruit or something?? Does that mean I can just buy him a bahama mama?

I'm going back to bed..."If mamma ain't happy ain't no one happy.."

Peace Out, Friends.



Sunday, November 11, 2012

Girl Power Sunday


See below.

LOVE it! And you can have one, too @ Legend Hand Painted Sign by TheHouseofBelonging on Etsy, $45.00

Ashley Judd to run for Senator in 2014? I love her and her humanitarian efforts. I say YES!

I'll be back with more...

Lazy Sunday. We have a dusting of snow on our deck and rooftop. I say NO. NO to that.

Have a beautiful day!

Muffins, Hot Cider & All Things Fabulous & Lazy!



Thursday, November 8, 2012

Four Years!

That is RIGHT! Tomorrow (Friday, November 9th) is the day Brad and I were married in the Bahamas four years ago! Time certainly flies by WAY too fast!

It probably seems weird that I lead with a photo of where we had our wedding dinner..but that's how I roll! I love food. Many memories have been made while eating, drinking something great and having CAKE! I LOVE CAKE!  Our reception was here, we had cake, we danced, we laughed. We ate too much. In short, it was perfect and very, very moody and pretty. We had only six guests. Not a lot of people are able to come to a destination wedding. Brad's parents acted as if it was dangerous to go to the Bahamas. There were a lot of weird excuses "isn't that south of the mason dixon line?" Just kidding. That was never said. But you get the idea. It worked out perfectly! It was small and intimate and I wouldn't change a thing.

As I said, the cake did NOT disappoint. We had a lot of leftover food and gave it to our lovely waitresses, the guys who made our food and the musician, Willie.

Brad and our nephew Emerson. He was five "and a half!" as he used to say- back then and he was our handsome little ringbearer. He rocked a rad shirt, was very professional the whole time and even served champagne right after the ceremony for us. He had a little glass of oj. He just took it upon himself to "bartend" for a good 20 minutes if you will. It was ADORABLE. He had the glasses lined up and looked very, very serious.  He also was a bit afraid of the water at this point in his life and wore this lifejacket everywhere. If Brad teased him or tried to take it off he'd yell "This is NOT a toy, Uncle Brad! It's for safety!" Yes, he also wore it in the hot tub where he mastered a magnificent back float!

Backfloat. Mastered. Why this is darling (to me and perhaps the masses..who  knows?) is because the water was maybe...3 feet deep.

My sister Dawn and Emerson's mommy- turned 34 a few days after our wedding, so we went into downtown Grand Island and had a nice birthday dinner. Emerson's expression in this photo is soo cute.

It was November in the Bahamas too but everything was alive, flowers..trees bearing fruit.

Right before he went kayaking with Uncle Brad for the very first time. Apparently, during part of their journey he kept saying "No! Uncle Brad go over THERE!" which was always closer to shore. He was very brave for a kid afraid of the water. He's now swimming like a little fish and took scuba diving lessons a year ago!

This pic is too tiny, but it's one of our first dances and Emerson decided he needed to get out there and rock it alone!

I love this picture. I love Brad. I loved this day. I'd also like to point out that about an hour before this, I CURLED my hair!! Yep, I did. That's how well my hair holds anything and why I was forced into Ogilvie home perms as a child. Straight hair was not cool back then.

Our whole wedding party: Katie, Jason (Brad's best friend and best man) US, Emerson, Eric and my sister Dawn. I didn't care to have any rules about what anyone wore. I just said "wear something you like and be comfortable." I did choose Emerson's shirt because A) it's stylin and B) the ringbearer needed to bring it up a level, obviously!

This pic KILLS me because of Emerson: He's holding the rings in that little pouch behind his back. And he never stood like this. He was copying Jason's stance. He also chose the flower for his hair.

I remember walking down from up above and down some stairs and when I saw everyone, I started to cry. I also really missed my mom, but I didn't want to dwell on it and be sad on a happy day.

Another view. What's interesting: There were no people around at first. We got married around 4:30PM. Suddenly, people were staring from semi close, afar, people we didn't know came out on their hotel room decks. Some took photos. THAT part was odd, but it's a public area so there's not much you can do!

Me and Emerson. He's so little here! He still does this..the hand in pocket in every photo!!

I know that everyone says that their wedding day is special and perfect, but it really was. The whole day had a mellow and loving quality and it was truly one of the best days of my life!! Most importantly..Brad is my friend and a huge fan and he's been a loving and wonderful husband!

I cannot find the pic of Em "bartending" but when I will see it.

Cliffhangers are good, I think.

We're not huge anniversary planners and his hip is still healing, so we're not sure what tomorrow will bring. Probably dinner someplace nice. Like Arby's. GOTCHA!!

Have a wonderful evening and weekend & thanks for taking a trip down memory lane with me!!



Monday, November 5, 2012

What's Really Important.

Because I think we're all getting sick of politics and everything attached to it (yet I admit that I'm guilty of posting many things political on my FB page!) I have decided to just run some meaningful and lovely photos here today.

I received these pics in a long email from my sister and these are my faves.  I will let them speak for me. I will only say I love them ALL, but the one that grabs at my heart is the little boy giving the homeless man some food ( I think that's what it is in the package.) I'd love to give photo credit for these, but I'm just not sure exactly where they came from. Peace out.

Get out and vote but mostly...let's love one another!!