Sunday, November 18, 2012

Twinkies Will Survive. Sigh Of Relief. Warm November. Homeland Obsession.

By now I assume you've all heard of the Hostess strike and bankruptcy. I know, I know, take solace in Little Debbie so many people have said...someone will buy Hostess, etc. But NO ONE else makes Twinkies like Hostess. Those chemically laden treats just aren't the same when made by another company and I love them!!

Imagine my relief when I saw this story on Yahoo news tonight:

what's most important is this part:

"DETROIT (AP) — Twinkie lovers, relax.
The tasty cream-filled golden spongecakes are likely to survive, even though their maker will be sold in bankruptcy court."
Photo Credit: Yahoo and Yahoo Finance.

RELIEVED. In the big picture of life, not a huge deal. Or even a YUGE deal- if that's how you choose to pronounce it. But it did bum me out a little bit. 

In other news...can't seem to properly upload Emerson's recorder version of "Mary Had A Little Lamb." Dammit! It was sooo cute!  It's been weirdly warm here in Minnesota for the past few days. Like upper 50's which is very odd for November. It feels great!! I have put blue christmas lights on some of our trees due to the warmth and the fact that it wasn't hellish doing it.  I'll possibly have some pics soon. Right now I need two more sets of lights and then it should be all good.

I also keep forgetting to mention that on election day in Albertville, MN that my husband Brad penciled me in for city judge! LOL. When he told me this I was surprised, yet immediately "professional" and said "Well thank you for your vote, Brad!" Why didn't I think to do something similar?

I just bought a whole pumpkin pie tonight and then forgot any kind of whipped topping...rarrr!! I also saw my niece Kirsten last night for dinner and had some amazing butternut squash ravioli.  It was like comfort food times 100. Brilliant!

My beautiful  nieces Madison and Kirsten. 

Thanks to my B/F/F who loaned Brad and me Season One of "Homeland" a few weeks ago, we are now officially obsessed! So good! We watched the whole season on a cold Saturday.  Then we started recording the rest currently on. We couldn't get all of them in order and one day I told him "I can't wait anymore. I'm going to start watching them!" so we watched what we had and filled in the episodes we couldn't see thanks to a blogger/fan!  Why am I going on about this? Because a new episode airs tonight on Showtime! I was happy about it when I woke up. Weird? Perhaps. Haven't watched? You should. AmazeBALLS.

Photo via

Finally...Curtis is half weiner dog and is now continually standing up on his back legs, hands up in the air and is now "High Fiving" Brad on a regular basis. It's. So. Cute. So much so it almost hurts to watch. 

Hope your Sunday was and is beautiful.




rachel said...

Oh my gosh! You could have been a judge! that is HILARIOUS! said...


I KNOW! We went out to lunch afterward and I couldn't stop laughing! Then Brad kept saying "What if they start sending you stuff, thinking you're interested?" It WAS funny!

Brandi said...

Oh my goodness, my husband and I love Homeland too. Do you watch Dexter?