Sunday, March 3, 2013

Minneapolis Cake Walk Preview!

You read that right. CAKE and WALK!!

It happened in Miinneapolis on Thursday night. Here's a rundown of what went on:

"James Beard Award nominee Michelle Gayer of the Salty Tart invites you to the Share Our Strength Minneapolis Cakewalk -- a night of drinks, dancing, and most importantly, delectable desserts from the best pastry chefs in the Twin Cities. The event is presented in partnership with James Beard Award winner and Share Our Strength Minneapolis chef chair Tim McKee of La Belle Vie. All ticket proceeds benefit Share Our Strength's efforts to end childhood hunger."

 Brad and I are huge Top Chef fans and we always want to hit food tastings or food trucks, but it's not always possible out here in Albertville.  We found out about this a good month ago and it seemed like a win-win. Cake? I love cake! CHECK! Charity? I love helping. CHECK. Cake + Charity + Feeding Kids= GOLD!

We paid extra for the Bourbon Room/Experience and some upstairs Sausage Hut. Brad liked the sausage- I'm a recent vegetarian so it did not look good to me. I'm not a bourbon drinker, but did find some that were good...Brad loves Bahama Mama's so bourbon drinking wasn't really his thing. But..all to charity and all fun.

It took place at the Aria in Minneapolis. Formerly the Theatre de la Jeune. Oddly enough, my BFF worked for a horrible woman AT the Theatre back in the 90's doing set design and being verbally abused for a day and forced to carry and move a large tree! I tried talking her into going so we could make the space into a good memory! She declined..for various reasons. Past abuse played a role, I am sure.

The building is old but so pretty. I have a bajillion pics to share, but have honestly been too lazy to save them all to my computer. I know, sad. I can only say it's the time of the year. I feel like I've ALMOST made it through the winter, but at WHAT COST? I feel tired and go back and forth between having excitement about things and apathy. "It's got to be March!"

Any Design Star fans out there? I watch every year and oftentimes I am quite disappointed by what the designers come up with. Likewise Vern Yip's complete lack of control whenever anyone does ANY (and I mean ANY!)kind of faux taxidermy in a room! This was near the restrooms and Brad yelled "Vern Yip would lose his MIND over this!"  We both agreed we could see him saying something like "That taxidermy head that you bedazzled...BRILLIANT!"  It irks me every year. I also don't understand giving someone props for buying a cool coffeetable. Ever watch Project Runway? Those designers make something from nothing. I expect more of that from Design Star and each year I am let down.

I digress..To VERN!

More pics in a day or so. I have many photos of beautiful CAKES. They are definitely art forms and so beautiful! We also ate way too much cake, cake-like items, cupcakes, homemade much food. I knew I'd regret not eating enough as I did get full. Now when I think back I say to myself "You didn't try enough cake!"

Brad also had a stalker there. A woman alone in her 50's. She kept staring at us while we were seated at a table eating cakes. She came over and asked 'Can I take this please?" referring to his empty plate. We assumed she worked there, although she was walking around eating and wasn't doing anything a server would do. Later on I found her staring at him in the Bourbon Bar and realized..she was a cake eater like everyone else. A lover of cakes who had taken a shine to my hubby. Can't blame her. was odd. Sadly, no photos. I didn't want to be rude.

ALERT!! Gary Busey returns to TV tonight in that Donald Trump escapes me! But we all know he's an "angel in an earth suit" or something to that effect.

Have a beautiful Sunday!



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rachel said...

Oo, I can't wait to see pictures of the cakes. Did you ever watch Ace of Cakes? I LOVED that show because I loved it when they'd make a cake look like a tub of movie popcorn or the Millennium Falcon. Amazing!