Friday, September 28, 2012

Dumbest Fortune EVER..Junk Bonanza Tiara!

Brad and I headed to his physical therapy appointment today..and as a treat we hit LeAnn Chin's on the way home. I had peking chicken, curry chicken (delicious, by the way!) and fried rice....he got some chicken entrees that he loved and the lamest fortune I've ever seen!

"it is better to have beans and bacon in peace than cakes and ale in fear"

You know what I say to that fortune? "Screw You, LeAnn Chin! You need to fire that copywriter!"

This is all in jest of course..but come on! Lame. Or D-O-M as my b/f/f used to spell "dumb" as a kid.

Same best friend and I hit the yearly Junk Bonanza here in Minnesota earlier this month. I have more pics to share, but here are a few I have on my computer.

I put this tiara on and she almost cried. We do this with one another when we think the other looks particularly cute in something. I always say to her "You are my biggest fan" and once in 2011 when I tried on a white shirt I asked "Are you crying right now? This isn't a wedding dress!"  But it was soo cute.

That is love, peeps.

I know,  I know. "Every girl needs a tiara" and all that, but at $70 I just wasn't sold!

I did buy a cool, old wooden box with cool dovetailing. I am keeping art supplies in it. Unfortunately, once I got it home, I realized it has that old and vintage smell that is ahhh..not so nice. I put some essential oils in the bottom of the box and let the wood soak it up. Seems a bit better. When in Rome...

This photo below can only be summed up by me as "Huh?"
I mean, it's sort of cute. But it wasn't cheap and I wonder "is this art?"  And I guess that's the point of some art, to get a dialogue started. It just made me think I could hit my garage, grab some of Brad's Seafoam containers or anthing else chemical laden, add a dollhead and an oil "thingy" (the name escapes me, but I've used one many times!) and sell it in my Etsy shop for $50.


End of rant.

On our way was incredibly hot inside at some points. So much so that we named one area "PO  Alley" for Pass Out Alley.  The vendors seemed cranky. I assume it was the heat. I caught the attention of an old man and while I'm no longer in my 20's OR 30's, I did want to say "Sir, I think you are old enough to be my dad."

More Bonanza pics soon..and possibly even a few of my best pal!

The weather is beautiful here and I've decided that my winter outfit is going to be: leggings, long sweaters and or tunics that are snug but comfy. Nothing boxy! And or boots. I'm going to buy a pair this weekend. Black or brown?!

Dollheads, Tiaras and Amore!



Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bagel Heads Trend In Japan? A Big WTF??

Yep. I said it.

WTF people?

Now this..THIS is weird. I guess it's not any more strange than big fake boobs, botox, wearing undergarments that made women pass out, iodine in the eyes to give women large pupils (so that they'd constantly look aroused. Done a few hundred years back. Fact check me, peeps! Scary and odd.) and so many other's ALL weird. This just strikes me as the most weird I've seen lately.

Image via

News story below. Sorry, as I often do to my b/f/f-- if something freaks me out, I send it her way. Now I share with all of you! B/f/f has actually yelled at me and said things like "Do NOT send me that stuff at work!" So now, there are rules. Back in the 90's with my first home computer: Not so much. I'd send everything to her in corporate america that freaked me out OR bedazzled me!

In other news: Uploading pics from camera of my Halloween decor. I think I made something kind of cute and creative and rather than finding it on Pinterest..I just thought of it myself. A rare occurrence lately with all that is going on.

We just did Brad's at home physical therapy and he's sore and low. Yesterday I felt totally defeated in all areas of life: Wife, physical therapist, Dog mom, friend, etc. It was not a good day.

All I wanna do is eat & our internet has been down intermittently. Thanks Charter! When we call, what is GREAT is being offered MORE features when the ones you currently pay for don't work at all. I've actually been known to say "Excuse me..I don't mean to be rude, but NO. I'd like for what I pay for to work efficiently and regularly. Don't you find it odd that you're trying to upgrade me when what you are currently offering doesn't work half of the time?"


I think I may need a pumpkin latte.

Have a beautiful Thursday, All!



Monday, September 24, 2012

Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids & Others!

Happy Monday All!!

This is what I do every fall..and always "extremely early" according to my best friend! I have an obsession with perusing all Halloween costume ideas for kids, adults, dogs...rabbits..any and all things that CAN be dressed up for the holiday!

I give you..the Dwight K. Schrute costume! Hilarious!
Image via

Got a bunch of kids of various ages that you need to dress up?  KISS the band!

Image via

Check out this ADORABLE little girl in her Snowglobe costume!

Image via

Need a group idea? Again..can you go wrong with The Office? I think not:

Image via,,20058392_1549474_20356614,00.html

I loved the show Reno 911. This would be hilarious to me!

Image via,,20058392_1549474_20356614,00.html

One of my fave movies ever..The Royal Tenenbaums! Just. So. Odd!

Image via,,20058392_1549474_20356614,00.html

Baby the Old Days:
Image via,,20058392_1549474_20356614,00.html

And our Grand Finale for today! The Richard Simmons..(Simmonsesss?) Troupe!

Image via

More fun, Brad news & Junk Bonanza pictures to come!

Have a fabulous day! It's finally warmish here and the wind has stopped howling!




Thursday, September 20, 2012

We Are Alive. Weird Old Man In Waiting Room.


We're still here.

Here we are in the Bahamas or "Aye, Aye Bahamas!" as Emerson called it back in 2008. The beach is our shared happy and relaxing place. How hilarious or odd would it be if I had beach posters all around Brad's bed right now?

Brad's surgery went well. His left hip needed less work than his right did last year. It should be fine for the rest of his life, or as I say "Honey! This new improved hip is going to take you through to death! yayy!" because who wants more surgeries?

He was in rare form before and after surgery due to meds-- and the fact that he's a nurse, so prior to surgery and sedated, everytime a message was overhead, he'd kind of come to and think he was at work. Then I'd have to remind him "It's not for you, honey. Relax."  He did start yelling funny things VERY loudly in an almost Will Ferrell voice "WHAT is going ON HERE?" and threw his oxygen mask off three times. Good stuff, Maynard!

The most fun: The waiting. It's hard to wait. I was nervous. Edgy. And I've done this before.."This is not my first barbecue.." I went from being hyperawake to feeling like I was going to pass out from being tired. I was the lucky (read: sarcasm) girl who got to sit next to an older gentleman in the waiting area. I could tell he wanted to chat and I didn't want to, so I did my best to hold him off for a good hour. I texted friends. I read books. I read "Real Simple" magazine. In a moment of what could only be called..weakness..(?) I looked up to see him staring at me and it happened: "hey! You're going to be here for a LONG time!"  Me: "Yep, we were here last year for a good 11 hours. My husband is having the same surgery on the opposite hip." then he moves closer to my chair (Dammit NO!) and proceeds to tell me all about his wife, her various surgeries, his variety pack of past surgeries. How "Forty seven years of marriage becomes REAL DULL let me tell ya!" after asking if I'm married and for how long. What do you even say to that? "Thank you, sir." or "Well..kudos to you for sticking around and waiting this surgery of your wife's out!" It was just..bizarre.  Then he wouldn't stop talking. And I realized he's a lot like Brad's stepdad: Doesn't want to hear anything, just wants to talk at you. So I felt okay with possibly nodding off to sleep while he spoke. My new thing in life is "My safety first, your feelings second" and while I clearly wasn't in harm's way, it's safe to say that perhaps psychologically I was.

Cue mystical music....ahh..ahhh...ahhhhh! Just as I was about to fake sleep, my name was called to see Brad in recovery. I don't think I've ever jumped up from a seat so fast!  Aside from nodding off, I wasn't sure how I was going to escape the man I'll forever refer to as "Ronimal"!  Okay, that made me laugh. And you know what? Sometimes that's enough. What do you do? Just walk away? Or say "Hey..I'm headed over here...just away a bit?" or "Oh my heavens! Is that a rerun of Oprah over there? See ya!" or an honest "Sir, you're wearing me out and I have a long night ahead of me. Focker OUT."?? It's a gray area. I want to be polite, but I feel like that behavior in and of itself is rude. Take the temp of your audience, Ronimal!  I must also point out that he told me that I was real pretty like his most recent nurse which added to the discomfort a bit.

So..we're alive and home. I'm thankful Brad is okay. He's in a lot of pain, is on a lot of meds that have to be given every four hours. Needless to say, I'm sleep deprived. He screams out "Help!" in his sleep and I run...only to realize he's having night terrors due to morphine. Recovery will be long again. We do physical therapy at home twice day and it makes me feel tired, weak and lame. I'm kind, but I think I'd make a poor nurse. But we're doing it.

We did watch the first two episodes of "Newsroom" with Jeff Daniels last night. Amazeballs! As soon as Brad is awake more, we're headed off to begin Dexter! Thanks to my pal  Shannan at Flowerpatch Farmgirl for the recommendation! A serial killer with a heart!

Hope all is well. It's windy here and the trashcans and recycling were knocked over twice today. I eventually yelled "F**king trashcans! Where is that damned recycling truck???" and realized "Wow, I'm kinda cranky."

Good times, people.

Have a splendid evening! I have plans to peruse my new Oprah, Better Homes & Gardens AND eat a bag o f Reeses!

YEE and HAW!



Sunday, September 16, 2012

Brad and Heading to A Happy Place.

My hubby is having surgery #2 on his other hip tomorrow at 9AM. Sigh. It's some genetic issue and he had the right done exactly a year ago, now the left. Needless to say, he's been a trooper but he's had a pretty craptacular year and a lot of pain. request is just a simple prayer..please pray for his health, safety, the gift of great pain meds and an easy surgery and speedy recovery. :-)

I'll be back in a bit...but for tomorrow and in rough moments, we both love the beach and I will show this to Brad and myself to remind us of our "happy place".



Monday, September 10, 2012

They Say Sophia from Golden Girls, I Say Colonel Sanders.

Halloween obsessions via Pinterest. This is captioned as "Sofia from Golden Girls"..I won't even go into the misspelling of the name..when this CLEARLY is a Baby Colonel Sanders!

I never really got into this movie, I think I was too old when it came out to get a lot of the jokes OR perhaps I'm a bit lame..opinions vary, I am sure. But it does make a cute Halloween Two-Fer Costume!

Cheap and somewhat clever!

I don't know exactly why I have such an affinity for this one, but it is hilarious to me! Maybe it's the fact that he's defending himself against something? I guess kids hitting him angrily with a stick? I have always found the whole pinata thing odd--"Hey kids! I know we've taught you to be loving and kind...but go and kick the crap out of that flamboyant damned pinata! Yeah! give it all you got!" Odd.

Best ever! The boxed wine! Be sure to say this to your waitress if you wear this as well and be rude (nod to horrible peeps in my waitressing days): "Do you have ANY good wine? I mean..GOOD wines?  Like white zinfandels?"

I'm still planning on being Mr. Chow from the Hangover movies. Specifically the first movie. White pantsuit, heels and fabulous sunglasses..and for me...a short, brown wig.

Buttons and Bowties and all Things Fine!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weekend Pinterest Fun Finds!


May I present to you..quite possibly the cutest thing I've seen all weekend!

The cuteness almost hurts. Do I make these for me and Brad? Or just wait until one of our family littles comes around?

Who doesn't like a beautiful font? I say we all do. I say we all can enjoy "free"..

I truly think I need to make this! Cider + some alcohol to make you feel warm and a bit goofy? Yup!


From You're Welcome, America! ;-)

In an odd twist (for me) lately, I seem to be very drawn to purple! MCSWOON!

What I'd like to make my studio look like..even a teensy bit more like this would be good.

In a perfect world, what I want to eat everyday. I'd even be "willing" to let these replace my near nightly cones! I'm THAT serious!

I'm off to have a cocktail OR a mug o' sleepy time tea! Not exactly sure which way I'm's been one of those types of days. Both dogs got some kind of bug within the last few days. Once Daisy was done being sick, Curtis became ill. So our nights have been dogs running around and to the door to hit the biffy outdoors.

I've also picked up A LOT of poop. 

You asked.


Brad's a nurse as some of you know. I said "I have picked up A LOT of poop in the past few days. Ugh."

Brad: "I do that work quite often."

Me: "Yeah..I don't get paid for it."

LOVE my babies, tired of poo patrol.

Que Sera, Sera.

Jimmy Crack Corn & I Don't Care~


Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Harry Potter Love. Breaking Bad. Massage.

Found this on Pinterest the other day and it made me snort!

Very, very funny.

Who HASN'T been there?, actually.

Watched the  latest "Breaking Bad" the other! It's getting good. Such a good show. I know it's very dark, but it's very good. W.W.  Gail...Walter White..Hank has a good's impressive! I really miss Damages and I guess I'll have to wait until I can purchase it or download it somewhere...ideas anyone?

I had a massage today for the first time in at least a year. It makes me realize A)Why don't I do this more?  and B) Wouldn't it be great to have a professional massage EVERY day? I think if I was wealthy, that would part of how I would spend my money.

I know you're always supposed to drink a ton of water afterward and I did. I also hit the McD's drive thru and got..yes...GASP..a cone! "With chocolate dipping, please!" and I had to use about 10 napkins before I made it home.

It's getting dark wayyy too early here now. Bummer. It stays light outside in Minnesota until 9:30PM or so all summer, so this darkening at 7:40PM is about as good as a crap sandwich.

Here's looking to December when the days are shortest, I feel the life seep out of me but everyone around me is spastic over the holidays. "A lot to look forward to."

Rant OVER!

I'm seeing my BFF tomorrow and am super excited! Hugo, here I come!

Have a lovely evening. I'm off to drink more water..dream big, kids!



Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Weekend. Bradders. Horses And A Win!

Bradders had the weekend off of work. Phew! He had worked a good six nights in a row prior to the weekend, so I was happy to see him! When he works that much, we really just say "hello" and "goodbye" be honest, he will be a little chatty kathy in the morning as he arrives home to me--sleeping. Sometimes I'll try and wake up to chat as it's fun. If I went to bed at 3 or 4AM I will just say "I'm so tired honey." and go back to sleep. The point is: We miss each other because we literally miss out on almost a week of what's happenin'! <---Remember that show? Was Rerun a character? I digress.

We decided to meet up with some friends at Canterbury Downs over the weekend. There's horse racing there, gambling AND the place where Junk Bonanza in Minnesota occurs every fall! Yayy!   I never bet on anything really. I have a history of being fairly good at blackjack but haven't played in years. So..with the aid of our friend Joe, we made a bet of $6. I chose the horses based on names. I know, so logical! Why go by numbers and stats when you can choose  a name like Mogadishu?

 Me and Brad. I have to look surprised in photos in order to have my eyes open. If not, 99% of the time I look tired or drunk or both.

Well....we won!! I think $40 the first race. It was fun, but a fluke I was sure. So I downed my red wine and looked at the stars. We were outside, it was the perfect evening. A band played a bit too loudly. The people watching was fun.

Canterbury Park. I was there. I won!

Next race: We made another bet.  think it was an $8 bet, but I can't be sure. I chose by names again. The race starts...our horse is second to last..I think Joe laughed at me. Suddenly...nearing the end, #8..a.k.a. "Our Horse" (sad that I chose by name yet cannot recall. I know.) is in second place..I stand up and start yelling. I have become one of the people that I was staring at in a confused manner upon arrival. I'm yelling and cheering horse won!!  We bet less than $15 and won a little over $200.  We celebrated by ordering some chicken fingers and hit the McDonald's drive thru for some 2AM greasy fries and fab foods!

2AM snack! What ELSE do you eat after a big win? Not much as nothing is open! Ha! I do have to say that I am shocked myself that we did not order ice cream cones! WTF?

In other news, my close friend gifted me with a "crazy cat lady" mug. I have no cats, but I did LIVE across the hall in my 2004 apartment from..the craziest cat lady ever. To Rhonda! I don't think that was her name, but she was difficult to say the least. She didn't like me because her cats used to run into my apartment and hung out in the  laundry room. She essentially used the whole complex as a house for her cats ( I do love animals, but this was ridiculous) and left her door open all the time. Her apartment 18 years of cats (she had lived there for that long) and she accused me of purposely driving over a $1 plastic container that she kept bird food in outside. Yep. She threatened to call the police on me. True story.

My sweet nephew started 4th grade today! He sent me a text saying "I am sorry I can't come over today. My belly hurts." ( Aww..he was a bit ill and we were supposed to have one last summer day of fun.) and later "I hope I have a lot of friends in my class. I'm funny sometimes. Will you come to my lunch one day?" He's just so sweet and he still seems to want to be around me and my husband, cuddle and hold hands. I know it won't last forever so I am appreciating every moment!

My older nephew, Nick who is 18 began his first day of college today! So proud! The photo below is of him at a Minnesota  Twins game. He caught the ball in some "ball off"..and won a flat screen!  I know it wasn't a ball-off and is called something else..but that hit me as funny!

Finally..this is what Brad would look like with an afro. Have you ever "yearbooked" yourself? Good times, people. GOOD times!  Bald or with a 'fro..I loves him!

Have a wonderful evening! I'm off to eat some oatmeal. It sounds good, I wanted carrot cake and so I'm making a concession. Maple and Brown Sugar Oats it IS!

Love & Llamas~