Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bagel Heads Trend In Japan? A Big WTF??

Yep. I said it.

WTF people?

Now this..THIS is weird. I guess it's not any more strange than big fake boobs, botox, wearing undergarments that made women pass out, iodine in the eyes to give women large pupils (so that they'd constantly look aroused. Done a few hundred years back. Fact check me, peeps! Scary and odd.) and so many other's ALL weird. This just strikes me as the most weird I've seen lately.

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News story below. Sorry, as I often do to my b/f/f-- if something freaks me out, I send it her way. Now I share with all of you! B/f/f has actually yelled at me and said things like "Do NOT send me that stuff at work!" So now, there are rules. Back in the 90's with my first home computer: Not so much. I'd send everything to her in corporate america that freaked me out OR bedazzled me!

In other news: Uploading pics from camera of my Halloween decor. I think I made something kind of cute and creative and rather than finding it on Pinterest..I just thought of it myself. A rare occurrence lately with all that is going on.

We just did Brad's at home physical therapy and he's sore and low. Yesterday I felt totally defeated in all areas of life: Wife, physical therapist, Dog mom, friend, etc. It was not a good day.

All I wanna do is eat & our internet has been down intermittently. Thanks Charter! When we call, what is GREAT is being offered MORE features when the ones you currently pay for don't work at all. I've actually been known to say "Excuse me..I don't mean to be rude, but NO. I'd like for what I pay for to work efficiently and regularly. Don't you find it odd that you're trying to upgrade me when what you are currently offering doesn't work half of the time?"


I think I may need a pumpkin latte.

Have a beautiful Thursday, All!




Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Hey TOT,
Sorry you've had such a hard time lately. Wish I was there to pick you up and take you for your pumpkin latte. But could we get a margarita after that an some mexican food???
I'm going to check out these bagel head weirdos and get back with you, but I just wanted to tell you to hang in there.
Hugs, TOT

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Why my is my "d" key not working on my keyboard? Bruce?!!?

Nicole said...

A pumpkin latte is the best cure for DON KING hair and shiny tennies a la Jerry Seinfeld :) Sorry you had a crap day. But at least your forehead doesn't look like a bagel (honestly? what are they thinking??).

So here's a mental picture to make you is hubs birthday. So I wake up at around 5 'cause he's getting ready for work. Stagger downstairs, no glasses (so basically squinty, walking into stuff), pink plaid pants (about 3 sizes too big), huge sweatshirt, SERIOUS DON KING hair (actually, could have given Don some tips!), careen into the kitchen, hug him and say happy birthday. He was laughing so hard at my appearance coffee came out his nose. Which made me laugh and I almost peed my pants (skipped the washroom in my hurry not to miss him). With my hair all lovely like that, I likely look about 6'4"--I'm already tall and the bouffant-ness just adds to it. Talk about romance!!!

Hope you're feeling better. And Brad too. And don't too much about being a bad dog mom--they love you anyway.

Anonymous said...

Wow - that's ALMOST the most jacked up thing I've seen to date! And I say "almost" because yes, people, she did indeed send me what can only be characterized as "questionable content" without warning back in the early days of the internet. lol There's something about internet horrors that makes one feel like sharing the train wreck, and she did! I'd be at work, only to open an e-mail with an innocuous subject line like, "getting together on Saturday". Somewhere within that e-mail would be a "check this out!" and a link. Next thing you know - you're hijacked on a nightmare ride of strange old lady photos and that whole farm nightmare, possibly with sound, all while I was at my desk. lol I won't elaborate. But now she knows enough to provide a warning.

You know I have NEVER yelled at you! lol This reminds me of your story where I "almost hit" that grandpa in the thrift store parking lot.....who was a solid half mile away.

I think you need to switch internet carriers!

Rarr!! All I want to do is eat also! Fooooood! Let's sit down and have a bag of donuts "while we cry".

Keep on keepin' on, my Paduwan, I'm in your corner!!

your cousin/bff/Kim

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

I like Kim. said...

I love Kim, too!



Perhaps I inject a bit of "color" into my stories..but you did almost hit that guy with the "easy fit" sweater. I was scared. He was skared!

Anonymous said...

lol Thanks to TOT! (Love that moniker, btw.) Tina tells me great things about you too!

And T-bird, there's an episode of "The Middle" where 14-year-old Sue Heck is sitting in a parked car, practicing her behind the wheel techniques, when the car gets jostled into neutral and slowly rolls out onto the street. Anxious and desperate, she starts that car and slooowly tries to guide it back into the driveway. Before she succeeds, she lets out a blood curdling scream when she sees an old man walking a dog "in her path", and she slams on the breaks. The camera pulls away and we see that the old man and dog are actually a solid 50 quiet yards away on this sleepy street; they easily and uneventfully cross the street, not even aware of Sue's very distant, now stopped car. Sue pants heavily and sweats and is all worried and thanks God she escaped her "close call."

This reminds me of that thrift store parking lot incident.


I luhs you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see you soon!!!

your bff/Kim/cousin

Anonymous said...

Dangit, I meant "brakes", not breaks. I know this! Sigh.

I need ginkgo biloba.

your cousin/bff/Kim