Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weekend Pinterest Fun Finds!


May I present to you..quite possibly the cutest thing I've seen all weekend!

The cuteness almost hurts. Do I make these for me and Brad? Or just wait until one of our family littles comes around?

Who doesn't like a beautiful font? I say we all do. I say we all can enjoy "free"..

I truly think I need to make this! Cider + some alcohol to make you feel warm and a bit goofy? Yup!


From You're Welcome, America! ;-)

In an odd twist (for me) lately, I seem to be very drawn to purple! MCSWOON!

What I'd like to make my studio look like..even a teensy bit more like this would be good.

In a perfect world, what I want to eat everyday. I'd even be "willing" to let these replace my near nightly cones! I'm THAT serious!

I'm off to have a cocktail OR a mug o' sleepy time tea! Not exactly sure which way I'm's been one of those types of days. Both dogs got some kind of bug within the last few days. Once Daisy was done being sick, Curtis became ill. So our nights have been dogs running around and to the door to hit the biffy outdoors.

I've also picked up A LOT of poop. 

You asked.


Brad's a nurse as some of you know. I said "I have picked up A LOT of poop in the past few days. Ugh."

Brad: "I do that work quite often."

Me: "Yeah..I don't get paid for it."

LOVE my babies, tired of poo patrol.

Que Sera, Sera.

Jimmy Crack Corn & I Don't Care~


Have a great weekend!


Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Poor TOT...or is it Poo TOT???

I saw all your crazy purple mayhem on Pinterest. You went wild!

Get well, Curtis. ;(

Love your pins~ xxx, T.

Nicole said...

Try giving the pups a little canned pumpkin. Not the already spiced kind, pure canned pumpkin. It sounds absolutely crazy, but it works. I discovered this a year ago when Chase the Wonderdog was very ill. I googled it! Poop is one this, sick doggy poop is a completely different tale!

On a more pleasant note, I've been liking purple lately too, and I'm so NOT a purple person. I'm thinking some purple cushions, because I know that I may tire of it quickly. Or I could paint my daughter's room purple and turn it into an office/slash yoga room since she's gone back to school...oh the possibilities.

Going to check out your purple pins...

Have a hard cider. Does the body good....well, not too much harm anyway :)