Friday, September 28, 2012

Dumbest Fortune EVER..Junk Bonanza Tiara!

Brad and I headed to his physical therapy appointment today..and as a treat we hit LeAnn Chin's on the way home. I had peking chicken, curry chicken (delicious, by the way!) and fried rice....he got some chicken entrees that he loved and the lamest fortune I've ever seen!

"it is better to have beans and bacon in peace than cakes and ale in fear"

You know what I say to that fortune? "Screw You, LeAnn Chin! You need to fire that copywriter!"

This is all in jest of course..but come on! Lame. Or D-O-M as my b/f/f used to spell "dumb" as a kid.

Same best friend and I hit the yearly Junk Bonanza here in Minnesota earlier this month. I have more pics to share, but here are a few I have on my computer.

I put this tiara on and she almost cried. We do this with one another when we think the other looks particularly cute in something. I always say to her "You are my biggest fan" and once in 2011 when I tried on a white shirt I asked "Are you crying right now? This isn't a wedding dress!"  But it was soo cute.

That is love, peeps.

I know,  I know. "Every girl needs a tiara" and all that, but at $70 I just wasn't sold!

I did buy a cool, old wooden box with cool dovetailing. I am keeping art supplies in it. Unfortunately, once I got it home, I realized it has that old and vintage smell that is ahhh..not so nice. I put some essential oils in the bottom of the box and let the wood soak it up. Seems a bit better. When in Rome...

This photo below can only be summed up by me as "Huh?"
I mean, it's sort of cute. But it wasn't cheap and I wonder "is this art?"  And I guess that's the point of some art, to get a dialogue started. It just made me think I could hit my garage, grab some of Brad's Seafoam containers or anthing else chemical laden, add a dollhead and an oil "thingy" (the name escapes me, but I've used one many times!) and sell it in my Etsy shop for $50.


End of rant.

On our way was incredibly hot inside at some points. So much so that we named one area "PO  Alley" for Pass Out Alley.  The vendors seemed cranky. I assume it was the heat. I caught the attention of an old man and while I'm no longer in my 20's OR 30's, I did want to say "Sir, I think you are old enough to be my dad."

More Bonanza pics soon..and possibly even a few of my best pal!

The weather is beautiful here and I've decided that my winter outfit is going to be: leggings, long sweaters and or tunics that are snug but comfy. Nothing boxy! And or boots. I'm going to buy a pair this weekend. Black or brown?!

Dollheads, Tiaras and Amore!




Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Hmmm, you are on a roll with the old men these days.
No, that baby head is not art. Just creepy. But, more power to the people who are selling them. And I think it has the those baby arms from SNL. Who's selling it, Kristin Wiig?

I always wear brown boots to go with my beans and bacon. I am not down with cake and ale. said...


Who IS down with cake and ale? Wrong on so many levels!

Brown it just may be...

I feel like I've reached a certain age now where the men above 65 to 70 seem to think I may be interested...

Kristin Wiig with the doll arms..."and I like can I touch?"


Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

I also want to know why you are up close and personal with a horse's ass??? said...


Kim made me take the photo that way!


Nicole said...

1. That is a dumb fortune. Has Confuscious really run out of things to say (I think I spelled that incorrectly).
2. That baby-headed thing is creepy.
3. I vote brown. Been wishing I'd bought brown instead of black last year. Buying brown this year.
4. I am an old dude magnet. Hubs LOVES when they ignore him, brush past him to chat to me at the grocery store or local greasy spoon. It's a small town. I think it's the Don King hair that attracts them. And possibly the ratty yoga pants and sweatshirt. Because that's what they always see me in.
5. You're not really that lady until you look down at yourself at the grocery store (in said small town) and realize that you have on Uggs, pyjama pants and your hubs' winter jacket and an ugly toque to cover really, really bad Don King hair. K, I am that lady, however have never worn housecoat to friend has tucked hers into her jammy pants though, to go to store. Luckily she lives in another small town, because 2 of us in one town would be too much for the old guys. Just saying.


Nicole said...

PS--The Toronto Star did an entire page spread on using purple to decorate--immediately thought of you! Purple chandelier was my favourite.

Anonymous said...

I think you should start gluing baby doll arms onto the side of shaving cream cans and sell, sell, sell in your etsy shop! Judging by how many of these weird things we saw that day, and keep seeing on etsy, and I guess inevitably, on REgretsy, they're apparently YUGE.

That was such a fun day!!! Yayyy!! Legendary, if you will. And I don't remember making you pose in front of that horse! Although....maybe I did. But to be fair, you've done your fair share of JAMMING me uncomfortably into flowering shrubs for random photo ops. "See that decaying fence post near the rusted rail road tracks? Near those roses? Get IN there! And act like you're popping a Jack In the Box!" And then there's that famous pic where I'm crouching on a city sidewalk unknowingly next to what looks like someone else's urine puddle. Good times.

Could you BE any cuter? I say no! You are at maximum!! And yes, I DO almost feel teary sometimes when I see you looking as lovely as I know you to be, because dare I say you often look angelic! A true beauty! You know I LOVE the crown pic of you - pretty, pretty, pretty!!!

And yes, folks, Tina regularly turns heads when she's out...and on this particular day, there were a bevy of older men who could NOT get enough of her! They wanted ON you. I think younger men are into you too, but to be fair....there were no young men at a Junk Bonanza in the middle of a work day.

Sorry to hear that your vintage box smells bad (wire coat hangers?)

I miss this day!!! Remember - it was a two-coner!! (All: we got multiple McDonald's cones. Almost one per city!)

your cousin/bff/Kim