Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Odd and Ends.

..And we're back!!

Just returned from physical therapy awhile ago. Grabbed Chipotle on the way home, ate that, a few tiny Mr. Goodbars and one dark chocolate bar "for health!" and I'm good to go until...six?

Did a glass of red wine in the afternoon ever hurt anyone? Just one? I think not.

As promised, my Junk Bonanza vintage box that smells..well.. vintage!

I do love it though...and I bought little tags that say things like "kiss" and "groom" and "love" and "&". The kiss one works here...and the others? who knows. I always say if you really love something, you'll eventually find a home for it. Like next to your hubby's toothbrush or something. Ha! As if Brad would even find that cute. "Hey Brad! Did you see the "Groom" tag by the toothpaste today? Darling, huh?"

Our son Curtis, age 1 1/2 sits up like this a lot lately. It is DARLING. I think it's the half doxie in him. I never know exactly what he wants when he does it, so we do various things: Sometimes he gets a hug, a kiss, or an impromptu little dance!

Below..the YELLA door!  I think I mentioned the fall wreath really "grounded" the intense yellow? I think the "W" for Weaver does as well:

Now onto some fall and Halloween decorating here! I've been kind of crazy with it, or so my b/f/f tells me. I just find it cozy and summer's end always makes me a bit sad. Minnesota winters are harsh. I'm trying to progress "happily"

The bottom is my outdoor and homemade homage/nod to Halloween. Old lattice scrap from deck build, painted black.  Tied on some of our deadened hydrangeas and voila! I love it. I normally don't do dead flowers due to feng shui paranoia, but I figure fall is the time for it!

My God, look at the cuteness of her! It almost hurts! As always, she demands fashion forward kerchiefs for each season! She says she's a "fall" as far as color types go!

Curtis too! Kerchief in fall color scheme, Peanuts style! They are both adorable and keep me young! They also stress me out with  not eating, eating crickets and dead frogs (Curtis below!) and Daisy becomes enraged after about 8pm..NO TOUCHING or admission of the fact that she exists!  Curtis and his excitement for everything is the cutest! 

I'm off to eat something...and maybe go for a quick walk before dinner. It's beautiful here but that is supposed to change in the next 72 hours. Damned you, Wolf Blitzer!

Have a beautiful evening!




Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

You just bedazzled my day. You can't even help it.

Tina@thriftingwithcake.blogspot.com said...

Likewise, my friend! I was just ON your blog!

Thanks for your use of "bedazzled"..for whatever reason, it's my newest fave!


Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Hey there, puppies! How cute they are in their fall finery.
I guess I had too much fun eating last week~ I came down with a stomach flu and have finally crawled out of bed today.
All the strength I had, I used on holding up my iPad and pinning in between barfs.
I'm a sick puppy, huh?

Anonymous said...

*I* think Curtis's new upright trend is adorable too! And lol that you've decided that Daisy has "told" you she's an autumn! lol lol lol lol lol on the bandanas. Ahhh..THAT is what keeps ME young, Paduwan. (I was *this* close to spelling bandanas "bananas". Sigh.)

What's this with Daisy getting angry after 8:00 p.m.?

Love your Halloween/fall decor! I do NOT think you've gone overboard, I just think you're adorable for hopping on the fall wagon earlier and earlier each year. You are not overboard! It's very you, and I think it's your happy place, and you NEED a happy place, and I think it's adorable! I love it...and you! Do not change.

I love everything, but the "polly pocket" in me is particularly drawn to the tiny pumpkins inside the frame. (If anyone reads this: Tina often tells me I'm always attracted to small things, and refers to this as my Polly Pocket tendencies. 'Tis true!!)

You know I love the wine pic of you from The Gasthaus. Another legendary day!!

Ready to love on you!! I wonder if we'll get a chance to visit the Buffalo Orchard this year what with the terrible windiness that has befallen us?? Last year at this time, global warming allowed for an extra long fall!! Rarr!!

xoxoxoxoxo and cones,
your cousin/bff/Kim

Tina@thriftingwithcake.blogspot.com said...


We shall hit that Buffalo Orchard whether it's 20 degrees with a bitter wind OR NOT! Too many photo opps to be wasted and we can sit at that table and drink hot cider like two old ladies "passing an afternoon"!!

Polly Pocket and YOU! I recall that all of your "littles" made me angry as a child. Clearly I had some issues that don't need to be brought up here. Small toys enraged an 8 year old Tina. Who wants to read into THAT? "This is why I only live LARGE nowadays!" --NOT even the case as we both know!

I'm off to eat a caramel or carameled apple? Your comments make my day, shazzer!


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