Monday, October 15, 2012

Family Pyramid. Costa Rica via Kiki. Teanation ART.

Yep. For reals.

I've been trying to get friends and loved ones to make human pyramids for years now. Until our awesome second generation arrived and aged a bit, no one would do it besides my sister Dawn. And as we all know, two people does not a pyramid make.  Left to right bottom: yours truly, nephew Nick, niece Kirsten. Second row l- r: niece Madison, sister Dawn. Top: Nephew Emerson.  I never had any aunts or uncles who wanted to do this, did any of you? How fun will this be to look back on? Very. I say, very.

Kirsten (above) was in Costa Rica for a month this past summer for college (she will be a teacher after graduation in spring of 2013!) and has some amazing photos that she took:

This architecture bedazzles me. And yes, "bedazzle" seems to be my word for October even though this month has been less THAN bedazzling!

Kirsten a.k.a. Kiki IN Costa Rica. Is she not gorgeous? More importantly, she is kind, generous and very, very smart. Luhs her.

I'm so proud of her because what a scary trip to take alone at a young age! I moved to Arizona when I was 24, but I never left the country on my own to live with strangers for a month.  One day Emerson was talking about how "military guys" are really brave and I said "Well..yes, but bravery is also about doing things even when you're scared. Kiki is in Costa Rica right now and she was scared, but she still went. THAT is bravery, too." He looked at me like I was a bit of a nutjob, but I think it got in there on some level.

Finally..a random photo or piece of art depending upon how you see it. Via Facebook. I can't credit the original post or site as I don't know, but it makes me laugh every time I look at it! I know this is random, but where would I be in my life without random? I'd be unhappy.

I've been lucky enough to reside in....Canada, KKK and Rattlesnakes and Sand.

What more can a girl want?

Happy Monday!



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Happy Tuesday! Cute family you have there,TOT! Are you sick now, too?