Monday, October 22, 2012

Corn Maze Teaser.

It was a beautiful fall day in Minnesota on Sunday.

I mean, Magical. It's been cold here. Wet. blustery. Yesterday the Gods shined upon us and it was sunny and nearly 70! Can I get a YOW?? Or a WHAT WHAT? So we headed last minute to the Corn Maze!

My sweet nephews Andrew and Emerson yesterday. Don't let the photo fool you! They had fun!  I daresay this photo makes it look like we forced a corn maze visit UPON them. But no.

Andrew and Me. Isn't he cute? At the end of the day he said what a "great Sunday this was!" and the cutest part? Both boys were happy trying to find their way through the corn  maze and jumping around on bales of hay. There was a rock wall, helicopter rides and a bungee jump, but they were both satisfied hanging out doing what I would deem "Old Timey Things." That was fun to see!

I'm off to help fix a rotten caramel apple explosion that happened in our living room but will be back with MORE photos! Always more. So much so that yesterday Andrew said to my sister Dawn "Please! You're not going to take photos like this the whole time, right?"

If you have to use a satellite..isn't this a nice little corner to use it in? I think so. Beauty is where you find it, folks!

Have a great Monday!




Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Looks like so much fun...I miss having little ones to hang out with.
My nieces are too far away.
I think I'd like to see Aunt Tina on the bungee jump!!! said...


I will NEVER bungee! Stuff like that makes me sick nowadays..however...I do enjoy roller coasters!

How far away are your nieces?

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Nicole said...

Love the pics of you with nephews! And doggies :)

Last time I was in a corn maze was when I taught kindergarten, and I was accompanied by 25 of my favourite 4 & 5 year olds (& a couple 3 year olds). Pretty much cured me of any desire to enter a corn maze again, lol. That was a looooong time ago. I still haven't recovered! said...


The last time we were all in a maze together was about two years ago-- we got lost,had to use a ladder that was set up mid-maze to try and "see" where we were and Emerson said "this is NOT for kids!" Lol.

This time was much better..but I can see where it can go very, very wrong!

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

They are only 3 hours away, but too far to just hang for the day!
I can't do upside down stuff anymore-love the rollercoasters, though!

Nicole said...

Emerson is a wise young man!!