Sunday, October 7, 2012

Is This Where I'm Headed?

WARNING! Color filled frenzy! I think Brad fears this may be where I'm headed with our door which I told him "could just change color any day now...along with the seasons. One day it's 80 here, the next day it's 40! Summer, Winter! And so goes the door..maybe?"

Image via Pinterest. No, I didn't pin it. ;-)

Now to something completely UNRELATED because that's how I seem to roll nowadays...saw this.. also on Pinterest and thought "Yes, I am headed here as I just don't care as much as I used to."  Also..she looks FINE obviously...but our obsession with thin just never quits, does it? I have gained ten pounds in the past year that just doesn't seem to budge. I told my b/f/f "I should care at least a bit, but I just keep buying bigger pants OR letting the waist out a bit on my yoga pants. Is that wrong?"

 Image via Pinterest

Bought a pair of boots similar to these last week and I must tell all of you: They have CHANGED my life! They work well for those fabulous 40 degree, windy and bitter days "all that Minnesota has to OFFER!"..and I can keep up with the puppy who gets a bit overzealous on his walks. He's only 32 pounds, but just broke yet another leash from Amazon "for your toughest pullers...good for dogs up to 60 pounds." ?? It snapped yesterday in our front yard just as I was about to walk both dogs and I yelled "Amazon! You damned bastards!"  Let it be known, I had only had three hours of sleep as Curtis the puppy was ill all night Friday. Good times. He seems to be fine now and it was clearly something he got into outside. Ugh. 3AM poop clean ups are just NO good. I digress. Here are the boots and I chose black although everyone voted for brown and I'm sure you were all right:

Image via Pinterest

This looks absolutely delightful, does it not? I bought two bottles of red wine last night and liquor stores are closed here in MN on Sundays..which is fine. I saw some cider with alcohol at the store yesterday and thought "Uh, no..too sugary" and now I think it was a big mistake!

Image via Pinterest

Apparently I could be headed here! On the road to Punkin Chunkin! I bought MORE pumpkins this past week! Finally found some white ones. I felt like Martha Stewart! Is that sad? I also bought some black glue glitter. If I make anything fabulous or unfortunate, please know it shall be SHARED! For now, I think I may do a chevron pumpkin this year!

Image via Pinterest

Although they are spoiled and the pickiest of eaters lately..I feel like making the dogs some cute dog approved cupcakes like this! The cuteness of this dog with these cakes is almost too much!

Image guessed it! Pinterest! How did we live before Pinterest? Perusing old magazines like "back in the old time days" Emerson would say!

This below image almost stopped my heart today AND feels like it's clogging my arteries as I stare at it!  I am a huge LOVER of Twinkies! Toxic, non-food "treats"! Holy Bedazzle! Thank you, Paula Deen! You have my heart! Wrong on so many levels, yet so right!

Image via my friend Paula Deen..gotcha! Pinterest!

Rock this Sunday, Kids!! I only know for sure that for me some sort of Sunday treat is involved as here "Sunday is Funday!"..I do believe Bradders has requested mexican food from our friends at El Toro or is it Pollo Toro in Monticello? Who knows? I'm not sure how the whole calling/ordering to-go will work as no one there speaks any english and my spanish is spotty at best. Wish me luck!




Nicole said...

I must say, I'm a little relieved you didn't pin that door. It may be a little much...yesterday my sister was trying to describe a local farm market, and she described it as the PRIDE market. That door is the PRIDE door!

Cute boots. I'm glad you weren't swayed by popular opinion, because those are fantastic in black. I still think I need some brown boots though. Red Queen Elizabeth shoes don't go with everything!

Sorry to hear about your sick doggy. My daughter's boyfriend's dog was here last night and this morning, and he was suffering from a similar intestinal upset. Not in the house, thankfully, but guess who was up early this morning...and he's not even my dog! If he's sick tonight, I just may drop him off at Carol Bailey's house, lol.

rachel said...

If you do a chevron pumpkin, please share it!

I have seen the dog cupcakes before. And though I think they are cute at first glance, upon closer study I have to wonder if the dog is thinking, "Wait, you want me to eat my own puppies?"

rachel said...
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rachel said...

Sorry, for some reason my comment above posted twice. I don't like it when it said that the comment has been removed by the author because then it looks like I left you a rude comment. said...


I think the chevron pumpkin is coming soon! I was about to try it yesterday...but felt like it wasn't the "right" time! Ha!

Nicole~ Did that poor dog get dropped off at Carol Bailey's house? Must. Know. ;-)