Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Eating Cakes and Pies

I've been eating junk..for days now. It's got to stop but for the time being, it is NOT. I'm clearly craving something and what I've had, while yummy hasn't seemed to "do it" for me. Suggestions?

I ate this two days ago. Pumpkin pie.
Brad laughed when he realized I took a pic of it. Food choices must be photographed!

He had a piece of peanut butter cup pie. It took him a good day to even take a bite, so I did him the favor of eating the rest of HIS pie just yesterday. To be fair,  I did warn him. Something to the effect of "Brad, this pie is staring at me. If you don't eat it soon, I can't guarantee it will be here."

It was beautiful yesterday! For the first time in weeks, the wind went away. I took the opportunity to take our gazebo down. I must say, I'm much more butch than I give myself credit for. I put all of my irritation and hormonal rage into taking it apart (with a few different screwdrivers) and yelled a few times. It's down. It was therapeutic and I realized: I'm much better at taking things apart than putting them together. What does THAT mean?

Curtis decided to use the beautiful day to catch and kill a mouse near our firepit. Ugh. The good thing about a fenced in yard (that we did not have last year at this time) is that I gave myself the "gift" of not being a part of the mouse thing. I put him in the backyard and went in the house. It's impossible to get him to let go of the mouse, I didn't want to try and pry it out of his mouth and for once, I didn't have to worry about him trying to take it inside, so I left him in the backyard. Ugh. I was able to entice him with a piece of chicken after awhile. He went for the chicken, I picked up the dead (and half eaten) mouse with the dog poop scoop and got rid of it. He then roamed the yard and seemed heartbroken. Oh well. And I didn't let him lick or kiss me for the day.Gross. Gross. I LOVE him, but oh so gross!!

Curtis and Daddy a few days ago. Brad was having a rough day. Curtis had a cool bagel bone to show off.

I'm off to make something out of this frame..
..and make some pasta.

mamma hungry!

I MAY even hit the McD's drive thru guessed it.. a McCone!

Have a Happy Wednesday!




Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Swing by and get me...I'll be waiting out by the curb! said...


I wish! After cones..we would head out for margaritas!!