Saturday, October 27, 2012

Corn Maze Mania.

The BIG deal of Corn Maze Day seemed to be getting "air" as you were hopping from one bale of hay to another. In order to get these most fabulous of photos, many were taken and the boys would look at them and say "No..let's try it again!". This is Andrew above. SWEETEST of jumps.

Emerson "floating" above bale of hay! Again, what I loved about this day was how much fun they had without electronics, games and their total disinterest in the spendy helicopter rides at this maze. It was OLD TIMEY FUN at its best!

My sister Dawn and Andrew going over photos....

Middle of the maze..are we lost? Have they chosen to go off course?

Making their way. They did a good job with the clue sheet and finding answers. They even learned what Semper Fi means! I've already forgotten as my memory is extremely short these days and those games on Lumosity aren't doing much other than stressing me out! Specifically the math in rain clouds!

Sweet Success! We made it out alive!!

I honestly find this photo pretty and relaxing. I guess I could sit and stare at corn fields all day. Who knew?

Make it out and get mini donuts, rootbeer and rock candy! RARRR!!

LOVE this pic because they're having so much fun! This thing was awesome- even for adults! About 3 feet of corn...that you jump into and run around in. A good workout after donuts and just fun for everyone! I jumped in and fell up to my knees in corns! Even after emptying out my shoes later in the day, I had corn in them for at least a good day or so. Emerson ended up having corn stuck in his pants in a spot in the leg where we could not access. We decided we'd wash them and I told him "Won't it be cool if they come out of the dryer and the corn that's stuck in there comes out as...popcorn?!"


At this point Andrew decided they needed to bury one another IN the corn "up to the neck" and Emerson didn't like that he was getting corn IN his ears!

After about a half hour the boys came back and told me "Feel my feet! The corn makes them really soft! My feet have never felt so soft!" I found it hilarious and random. At this point they had their socks filled with corn and were hitting one another with the socks...

"Hmmm..should I take my shoes and socks off and get the corn pedicure?"

Must have self-shot!!

Hope your Saturday is fabulous! It's KIND of nice here (40 degrees now and sunny versus raining and the other day..snowflakes!) so I put away all of our outdoor items into the garage and took the dead stuff off of my hostas. It seemed to excite Curtis the puppy and he "helped" by gnawing on the plants!

I'm off to eat leftover marble cake that Dawn made for me and Brad!

Have a great weekend!




Nicole said...

While I don't do corn mazes, I am a country girl. I have great memories of leaping from hay bale to hay bale at my grandparents farm when i was a little girl. Great pictures!!

Enjoy that marble cake....yum :)

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

You guys are so cute! This looks like so much fun.
Are you snowed in yet?
It's in the 80's here again! Boo for hot Halloween!
Have fun tonite!