Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Wrap Up. The Fun. The Pageantry.

Emerson, Ava (in purple hat) and Andrew with the evening's winnings! YOW! As I'm sure you can tell, Emerson was an astronaut. Props to my sister Dawn for making him a very rad home made costume! His jetpak was made out of cardboard, a dollar store "silver visor for your car window" and some hosing from her old vacuum cleaner. His little hazmat suit was from a co-worker as were his stickers. He also sported Brad's former motorcycle helmet. He no longer has the cycle, so Dawn spray painted it silver. In all, it was quite sweet. Ava was a princess. She's 3 1/2 and adorable. Also..quite the trooper. She was the only one to NOT complain while trick or treating. Andrew was some green thing. I still don't get it. A morph-something? He originally had hardly anything on under this extraordinarily tight costume and my sister told him "Seriously!  You have to put some clothing on under that thing!" Andrew: "I DO! I have underwear on!"  Dawn: "Well, you need MORE! You can see everything you own. You should probably wear your nutcup from baseball." Lol. It was tight. I can't stop laughing.

Em rocking it on the streets of Minnesota.

Ava, Emerson & Andrew. Dawn was losing her cool at this point as "It's 7:15! We've got to get going or no one is going to be passing out candy!"  Me: "What world do you live in?"

I love the vibe on Halloween. All of the kids in the neighborhood..the excitement, the costumes. It was also VERY mild and almost warm here in Minnesota which is rare. I grew up having great costumes ruined by being forced to wear winter coats, boots and all else. This was a perfect night. Andrew looked like an alien and at one house I heard the guy ask "are you the alien and he's the astronaut who found you?" They thought this was FAB and used it as their schtick for the rest of the night. It was all I heard door after door "I'm an alien!"  "And I'm the one who found him!" It was like they had some comedy routine. Andrew referred to it as their "Mowto" and I said "I think you mean Motto?" and he became a bit irritated.

Their neighbors get really into Halloween which I LOVE. A few years ago someone played "Thriller" for a good three hours. It was amazeballs! This year, Andrew decided to go up to every house without lights on no matter how many times I told him "They either are out of candy honey or they don't WANT to give out candy." He even walked up to a couple with outdoor lights OFF as they were getting in their car to head out. It was embarrassing AND hilarious all at the same time! It was fun to see them have such a good time and in the end, I was able to grab a bit of candy for myself. Today I felt completely oversugarfied and a bit blah. Que sera sera.

In latest news...Curtis has fallen deeply in love with Brandy the dog who lives behind us. Brad refers to her as "Bridget" so that's what I call her now as well. She's a puppy but much, much bigger than Curtis. There's a nature preserve between our houses so she has to travel through brush and God knows what else to get in our yard. But she does. Daily. She steals his bones and toys. Then I realized that he's purposely bringing stuff out there and LEAVING it I entice her!  They sometimes meet in our sideyard and I can tell it's her because of his bark and subsequent heart wrenching cry. This pic below is of him after she left. He'll stare out the window for an hour looking for her. It's so cute but it makes me a bit sad for him. Why? Because the other day she came over, but was more interested in old banana peels and some other stuff (all things which will degrade naturally, food and plant items.) near our firepit than seeing Curtis. He seemed despondent.

Watching. Waiting. 'Is she coming out anytime soon?"

I've never seen a dog sit like this for any length of time much less rest his little head on his paw. Like a hand! My poor son. Love isn't always kind.

Finally..scored this for a STEAL at a vintage shop with my best friend last week! I'm not sure what I'll make with this frame, but it is GORGEOUS and smells weird! Ideas to take the vintage "scent" out of vintage items? It's all wood and looks amazing but smells...less than stellar.

Kim tells me that this is a coffee stain. I think it's water damage. Unsure but again LOVE the frame.

I'm off to bed. It's getting dark early now..6:30PM! This means that next week when daylight savings ends, it will be dark at...wait for it...5-5:30PM. Good God! I guess I'll get my stack of winter books ready, a bottle of brandy (gotcha!) and a lot of "telenovelas" (nod to Zoila on Flipping Out!)

Hot Tea, Bed Before 10PM and All Things Fine~




rachel said...

Every other kid I saw last night had on the morph suit! At my second-grade class party almost ALL of my boys and even a girl wore the morph suit. I couldn't believe that anybody would want to wear something so tight that all of their naughty bits may have well just been right out there. Kids are hysterical!

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

I think it looks like water damage, too. I may have pinned something about taking smells out of wood...if not, I'll find it and send it to you.
So what did Aunt Tina steal from the goodie bags?
Poor little Curtis! That breaks my heart. Love hurts, indeed.
I'm jealous that you are getting hot tea. I am drinking iced tea as I type this at 11PM! I'm going to bed...looking forward to seeing Denzel fly the upside down plane tomorrow at the movies. Maybe you and Brad could take Curtis and Brandy/Bridget on a double date. He's awfully sad looking out the window. Kisses for Curtis from TOT!
Sleep well~xo, T. said...

The morph suit! When you say it like sounds cool, but what are its origins? Tv show?

I feel so old! ;) said...


I had a variety of tiny candybars and milk duds..maybe even a few starburst but I lost count after the first sugar conniption!

Iced tea before bed? How do you sleep after that caffeine rush? Benadryl?

Just saw the denzel plane teaser tonight..I am intrigued!

We just finished season one of a day! Clearly, obsessive new fans!

Wishing you the sleep of the angels ..xo

Nicole said...

We had a couple of morph suits at school, one blue and one red. I did not get close enough to be able to tell what they were wearing underneath. On purpose.

We ran out of candy at 7:30! So I was one of the houses in darkness :( That's never happened before, we usually have lots, and some leftover. But our street did have a huge surge in Halloween popularity this year.

Poor little Curtis! Dogs are so funny, I can't believe he loves the neighbour so much. Chase only likes other dogs if they don't try to get too close to Mom.

Still recovering from Halloween, and when the clocks go back Saturday night, I am going to be very sad. But I like how your survival kit sounds :) said...

Nicole~ Andrew would have been ringing your bell! You would have heard me yelling "Get AWAY from their door, please!" and the Morph thing is huge, I guess. Who knew?

I know a lot of people LOVE this time of year with the holidays coming, but I always feel like the clown is shutting down..i.e. ME. The days are just too short and the dark and cold too long. As much as I try to prepare myself for it, it never works all that well.

So this year I MAY try brandy and or the drink..rusty nail. All alcohol. Had one at nearly 8,000 feet in Colorado and was out of my gourd!

When in Rome..or this case...Icy Land.

Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

I sometimes feel redundant when I've already commented on the general topics in your posts both in person and in our e-mail and text exchanges, only to comment here too! But I can't stop! Because I have to add: Curtis is following in his pappy's footsteps!! lol lol lol Little dog....big lady. "The heart wants what the heart wants." Or maybe "the paw wants what the paw wants". To this day me and Cecil can't stop laughing about how Curtis came into this world. Seriously, my dad laughs to the point of tears every time I bring it up. The next time you see him, mention it again and wait for the show.

T-boz, if you haven't done so already, you should tell your readers about Curtis's small dad and big mom...he had to really be determined to HIT that! Like a sexy trek up mount Kilimanjaro...made out of dog!

The head on paws is really what gets me. lol lol lol I hope to one day see photos of the recently destroyed stuffed toys! I should have taken pictures of the strewn stuffing.

You and TOT are right about the water damage - my coffee reaction was knee-jerk, because as you know, we somehow always end up at this store at 5 minutes to closing! Therefore we're rushing around like crazy hoarders buying things time, I vote we wear Minnie Pearl hats, complete with price tags! "You can't get more pure than that."

your cousin/bff/Kim