Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Whatever Wednesday.


I'm feeling sick, Curtis seems a bit ill, Daisy was groomed the other day and it completely stresses her out. They didn't trim her dew claws so Brad had to bring her BACK this morning as we're not equipped. It's been a slightly stressful 24+ hours. Curtis wouldn't eat this morning as Brad was feeding him, but he kept coming upstairs (Curtis) to lay with me. I finally got him to eat, walked him down the street (looking VERY fancy as one does when ill. CRAZY town hair, bleary eyed, mismatched weird outfit. Said outfit was WAY too warm for the nice day that it is..furthering the crazy look. So what does Curtis do? Starts rolling in something FOUL in some long grasses. I try to get him out, he goes back down into it..rolling...rolling..loving. Eventually his leg and front paw get stuck in his leash as he's rolling..I notice there's POOP he's rolling in. I smell something awful. I realize he's as dirty as a frenchman (Gotcha!) and needs a bath and I feel weak and lame.

I love you, Curtis...but what's up with the filth-loving? WHY?

Brad ended up giving him a bath. As I've mentioned, Brad really shouldn't be kneeling or doing anything like that right now, but this was an emergency. He's clean now and smells GREAT! He's been running up and down the hallway upstairs like a crazy weinerschnitzel! Currently he and Daisy are fighting over their new ball that was chewed in half and disassembled in less than an hour the other night.  Curtis had his first trip into Petsmart! I think he did pretty well. He peed in a few spots but it's okay there and they have the pet clean up stations, so I just grabbed towels and wiped up. He narrowly missed the cards with his pee (Thank you, GOD!) and starting going a bit nuts so I took him back outside where he peed on everything and anything. Good times, folks! He also chewed up our memory card for the camera the other day. I took it out of the computer, dropped it and he had it in less than a second. new pictures! Waiting on one from Amazon....

In lieu of new photos, cute photo of the day! I never thought of doing this with any of the geckos I've seen while on vacation..but now..who knows?

I'll leave you with my one year anniversary gift to Brad back in 2009...bought on Etsy from BraggingBags. Apparently the four year custom is fruit or something?? Does that mean I can just buy him a bahama mama?

I'm going back to bed..."If mamma ain't happy ain't no one happy.."

Peace Out, Friends.




Nicole said...

Feel better! I also wish I knew why dogs insist in rolling in stinkiness....especially when Mama isn't feeling well.

I'm totally picturing the hair :) But I need to know--were you wearing plaid pj pants? 'Cause as you know, that's what totally makes an outfit for dogwalking! said...

A ha! No plaid pajama pants BUT dirty black leggings with a long shirt, then a shorter winter puffy jacket, crocheted hat, mismatched gloves and it was 48 degrees! I just looked weird! And as I walked and took various pieces off, just looked MORE odd.

"My outfits are very important to me"..I say that to Brad as a joke and ask "am I embarrassing you?" Lol.. he swears no...

And Curtis ..smelled like vomit..ugh.


Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Curtis, Curtis, Curtis...what is your mom gonna do with you, Little Man???
I dig your outfit for walking the dog. :)