Friday, November 16, 2012

Etsy Weekly Finds!

Yes,'s that time!!

May I present to you all my fave things this week via Etsy! Things that will make you laugh, smile, possibly cry (WHAT?!) and maybe even make you wonder...why didn't I think of that? I was going to do Pinterest finds as well, but I found so much on Etsy that this will be all Etsy, All The Time!

First up...Bat Dog Penny! Can this be more darling? Doubt it. If you know me, you know I love animals and dogs in particular!
Via MamaPictureThis on Etsy!

More from this shop below. Beautiful digital art images, holiday images, nature. can't get any better!


And this snowflake card below:

And the Frosty cards! Love traditional holiday stuff:

Next up. Jewelry! Emerson wants a necklace with his birthstone (garnet, January) for his bday or christmas. I was trying to find him something unisex that doesn't scream "Girl!" or "I love Justin Bieber!" and here it is, minus the pearl for him:
Via TheresaRose on Etsy:

Need some cool sugar cubes? Me too! Well, not really...but this makes me FEEL like I need them:
From WishingWellArt on Etsy:

Like butterflies? So beautiful! Check out what GrimsmilesShop makes on Etsy!

From DewyMorningVintage on Etsy..looks like Brad's stepdad Ron a.k.a. "Ronimal"'s the white hair and moustache! For a time, I kept seeing men who looked just like this.. white hair, white stache and finally Brad became annoyed with me and said  "You think everyone looks like Ron!" Me: "No, I don't. Just the above 70 set with the same hair and facial hair who DO look like Ron! It must be a fashion thing at that age. Don't blame me that he has multiple doppelgangers!" It's sold, which makes me a bit sad...but this shop has other great stuff! Lesson learned: If you see something that looks like an in-law, BUY it! You never know when you'll be able to gift someone you love with their very own image!

I bought these exact white legwarmers from Larisa on Etsy a few weeks back! I've worn them and they are well made, comfy and they make my leggings look cuter AND I also wore them with skirt and boots the other day:
Via TT Accessories on Etsy:

Now this necklace is just PRETTY! She also makes very beautiful scarves and bolero jackets out of comfy knits. What?! Did I say comfy knits? You KNOW it!

And I give you..comfy knits!!
Via Via

And where is baby NEVER supposed to be? Yep, in a corner!

I bought a scarf from Deanna of Deroucheau on Etsy last season and it is well made, warm and so pretty! She now has some of her items being sold at Anthropologie! She's also the pretty girl modeling her scarves! Love her stuff:
Via Deroucheau on Etsy:

Finally...Drakestone Designs on Etsy makes the cutest stuff for kids and adults! Love this barnwood frame with the monogrammed burlap insert:

And cutest items for kids spaces! Made with reclaimed wood, which I love as I'm a BIT of a recycling and upcycling "weirdo" as I've been told. Whatevs.
Via Drakestone Designs on Etsy:

Brad and I received an impromptu recorder concert from Emerson just last night at his mommy's (and my sister Dawn) bday dinner! He took it out of its soft case, put the cord around his neck (they have cords on them nowadays! How fancy!) and he played a wonderful and touching rendition of "Mary Had A Little Lamb" except he called it a different name. A few restaurant patrons got very quiet and then...applause and cheers! He looked a bit embarrassed, but quite proud! I recall playing the recorder and don't recall being very good at it. Brad took a video..if I can upload it here, you'll see it soon!

Have a wonderful day & great weekend!!



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