Monday, November 26, 2012

A Few Before And Afters.

Hello All!

Hope everyone had a great holiday and extended weekend. It snowed here on Thanksgiving. I had some sort of weird allergic reaction to something and had angry red hives all over my eyes for a few days. I looked  a bit like Woogie from "There's Something About Mary". It was awful and I had to stay home on  Turkey Day as I felt sick as well. Needless to say, it was sad and depressing BUT Brad went, had fun and took lots of photos. 

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Yep, this is how I looked and it was all around and on the eyes. After day 2 and 3 of it, I felt like a monster. "I have never felt prettier."

But now..on to Before and Afters here as of late...
Does anyone remember this beautiful frame that I bought for a STEAL?


I painted it a bit and added a corkboard insert and two layers of burlap. I love it. I also put a little frame within the whole frame and I quite like it. The photo is one I found while ill and perusing my bedside table drawers! Old pictures and some of Brad and Emerson at our first Thanksgiving, cookie making and Christmas! Emerson looked SO little because he was (age 4+) and his face had that kid chubbiness. SO. CUTE. That was also the thanksgiving where Brad cooked amazingly good food for me, him, Emerson and my sister Dawn. Our joke from that year? Emerson sitting down at the table and honestly saying "Well..I don't like this, this OR THIS!" while he pointed at various foods. It was hilarious.

I love it. I especially love the juxtaposition between the ornate frame and the coarse burlap. Brad always laughs when I use juxtaposition and amalgamation...whatevs!

Next up. The cabinet doors I found at a thrift shop for $1. I had no idea what I wanted to do with them but my BFF encouraged me by yelling "Buy THEM NOW!" ..okay..not really but it makes for a more dramatic story. They sat in my studio for a long, long time. It's now been turned into a landing place for winter coats and scarves in our entry thanks to white paint, some Target wrapping paper and a few pretty pulls from our friends at the Home Depot.

Great news..the AFTER will have to be a surprise! I have been having problems with my storage quota on here and apparently..I am out of storage yet again! RARRR! I'm new to blogger..and am figuring things out.

Damn you, Wolf Blitzer!

It's just a random and non sensical thing I like to yell at times.

More when this issue is resolved.

Until then..has anyone gone to FashionABLE? Beautiful scarves at a great price point helping women get out of prostitution. A win, win. You buy a beautiful scarf, a woman in Africa has a skill, a job, dignity and a chance at a better life. Found out about it from Shannan at Flower Patch  Farmgirl, because she rocks  and am so inspired!

Putting my computer skills to work..or having a late brunch. A flip of the coin and the choice shall be made...

Have a beautiful day!




Nicole said...

I'm so sorry you had a Woogie Thanksgiving! Having kazillion allergies myself, I can relate. :(

I have a cool found frame that I need some inspiration for--love what you did when that one! I'm thinking chalkboard....we'll see. said...

Nicole~ I have a ton of weird allergies which half of the time, no one believes. I actually had a friend once tell me "That allergy doesn't even exist." Right. He should know!

I say chalkboard for your frame- find! I did chalkboard paint on our wall in our mudroom. It never works out as planned for lists and messages, but I have had some great Tic Tac Toe games with Emerson!

Nicole said...

I'm really leaning to chalkboard...but first I have to bring it home from school. It's in my office, and since I don't almost trip on it when leaving it's still there. After yesterday I have the urge to close the door and organize (yes, that's what I do to regain control of my world, lol). Maybe if I move it closer to the door I'll remember it :)

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Oh no! Where had you been before the rash? Are you chemical sensitive? The stores are so toxic with offgassing of the products right now...and really can make you sick.
My doc always says, what did you eat? what did you drink? what did you smell? The answer is there. UGH! I feel bad for you. Did it hurt or feel like fire on your face? Ouch!
I love what you did with your frame- I seriously need to get to work on some projects!