Sunday, December 2, 2012

Adjusting To Wearing Color And Some Photos.

As some of you know, I have a slight aversion to color in my garments. I wear a lot of neutrals. Black is a fave as is gray and oatmeal colored items. I've been stepping out of my comfort zone in the past year. Here is the craziest thing I've done in YEARS.

Periwinkle winter coat from LL Bean! CRAZY! I thought it was going to be more blue, like a sky blue but it turns out that this is the color. I bought it because I need something WARM to walk the dogs in. I need to believe that it's not blustery and awful as I'm walking..and this coat does just that!  This was taken by my best friend at Pier 1. I have to say: They do an amazing job with tree displays AND have fantastic ornaments! I took a photo of her too, but she didn't like it. I don't want anyone to think I don't LOVE posting and having photos of her, because I DO! I think the color kind of washes me out, but she assures me it's not the case. She did also tell me "Hey, I think my mom had a coat like that!" to which I replied "Awesome! I was definitely not trying to enter the realm of the above 70 year old set..but I guess I've done it!"

I've also been wearing..wait for it...PINK scarves (gasp!) and blue and even..YELLOW! It's crazy!

Now on to my before and after that I tried to share the other day. Blogger was giving me attitude about the storage of photos. 'Twas very irritating!

The cabinet door that my BFF made me buy:

It's now got periwinkle coat hanging off of it and many scarves. It looks cuter than in this photo. My camera doesn't always do things and people justice, but you get the idea. Corkboard below has been switched out with holiday framed photo of reindeer!

In other best friend brought balls for the dogs the last time she came over to visit. It worked as it kept Curtis busy and OFF of her for a good hour, but this is how the ball ended up looking a day later:
Yep. Was once a nice orange ball! He chews everything (toys. He's generally not bugging regular items anymore but we'll see what happens with the tree this year.) so I only buy inexpensive dollar store toys. He loves anything though, so lately he's been chewing on the same used Fed Ex box for a good three weeks. "He knows what he likes!"

Emerson slept over the other night. This is from a few weeks ago. He spent the day in his pajammies and why he looks so stern, I do not know. He's a happy kid. Here he looks more like a brooding tween...he did say these bear pj's are "tickleproof". So cute!

My niece Madison surprised me by making this for me! It's so well done! Made out of clay. The rabbit is holding a carrot and if you flip the rabbit head over once, it turns into a pig's face and nose. So clever!
I cried when Brad sent me a pic of it while he was at my sister's on Thanksgiving day and I was home with some weird hive outbreak and illness. I missed my family. This little claymation made me feel..appreciated I must say. Love the kids. They're all so thoughtful and sweet.

My nieces Madison on the left and Ava on right.

I guess I also missed the yearly Nerf gun fight! I usually try to make it fun for me by yelling things like "Alcohol, tobacco and firearms kids! Hands up!" it's only funny to me and my nephew Nick (oldest in pic here)
Emerson, Madison, Nick and Andrew.

I am headed to my BFF'S Holiday Choir Concert in a few hours..should be fun! What's more Holiday-ish than Christmas music? I haven't been to a concert in years. I keep teasing her "Are you going to do a solo and come out in clown makeup?"

Have a beautiful and relaxing Sunday!

Nerd Alert (Points at self!): Homeland is ON tonight!




Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Curtis and Bruce have the same idea when it comes to the purpose of balls.
A Christmas concert will be great- just what you need.
Periwinkle is not washing you out, TOT. Blondes look great in that color. I am sweating just looking at it. It's another 81 degree day here!
I love nerf wars, marshmallow wars, food fights, etc. We pied my mom in the face one Thanksgiving and then I got it, too. Good times.
Have fun!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

You are the BEST AUNT EVER.

Will you by my aunt?

Is that weird?

ps - I like periwinkle you.

rachel said...

I think that periwinkle coat is a great color! It is definitely in your color wheel. said...


Thank you for "okaying" the periwinkle coat and me. It still feels odd but I guess it's just an adjustment period. can call me auntie Tina And TOT..LOL on pieing your mom! I am not sure mine would have been cool with it, but how hilarious!