Sunday, December 23, 2012

Things I've Actually Finished.

You read that right..I have actually FINISHED some projects!

First Pinterest inspired foam core boards for Holiday Card Holdin'.  I was supposed to use foam core but just decided to use a box I had on hand. Cut it up, added some silver wrapping paper and stapled on my Martha Stewart purple-ribbon-as-bows and voila!

Note to Anyone: Shiny wrapping paper and creases in boxes do not mix. Before we had enough cards you could see the crease of the box through the silver paper. Live and learn. OR think it through. Either ends up looking fine once it's adorned with cards from loved ones. I dig it. We have two up in the dining room and they hold all of our holiday items so the whole house doesn't look like a sale!

Finished this today after buying great fabrics yesterday. I LOVE it! It's for sale in my etsy shop, but I may just keep it because I love it so much. LOVE the fabric and the frame. Don't love the fabric store on December 22nd. NIGHTMARE. Never again, but I needed fabric for a custom order.
Swoon! I hung it on our living room gallery wall of frames. I'm not sure Brad was as excited as me. Que sera sera!

Finally finished holiday decorating around the house yesterday. I know, I know. Ridiculous. Or "didiculous" as my niece Kirsten used to say when she was three! I've had some things up since late November, but added more. Martha Stewart ribbon! Love!

Meanwhile, Curtis stares for Brandy/Bridget on a daily basis. Their love has waned a bit due to an invisible fencing system in place. She was running all over the neighborhood and I was worried that she was going to get hit by a car. Apparently, someone else verbally abused Brandy/Bridget's owner one day while she was outside with her daycare kids. Classy. So now girly dog is confined to her yard. Curtis still dreams...

AND Curtis and Daisy now have a new toy thanks to the Ikea kids section! Daisy is too big to fit, but Curtis will run after balls and go in and out of this. It's quite darling.

How cute is that little bum?!

How cute is this? This is the only Dept. 56 item we kept from Brad's mom. When they moved from Michigan to Arizona, we got the whole collection. We didn't want it as it took up half of our basement AND we had to rent a Uhaul to bring it all home. We ended up giving some away and selling a bunch on Ebay. What was NOT awesome: When I told Brad's mom "Thank you so much but we'll probably never display these..but thank you." thinking it was over. The next day she said "Just do what you want with them." and I then realized we were strong armed into taking them! They are super cute and have great detail. I just didn't need 600 pieces.

I'm done shopping, most of our gifts are wrapped, we've made red apple sangria AND I bought a whole pumpkin pie today and told Brad "I just don't feel like I'm going to get enough pie at Steve and Lori's so here it is!" We go to my brother and sister-in-law's on Christmas day and I never feel like I can get four pieces of pie like I want. ;-)

Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Holidays to All!!



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Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

A whole pie just for Tina! I love the sound of that for some reason.
Poor little Curtis...thank goodness you got him a new distraction. I'm laughing just thinking about him running thru it.
Did you get my email from the road? I hope it was legible.
We came home with sore throats and horrible allergies from the cedar trees in the hill country. Aack.
I've been cooking all day and I'm tired as hell! Going to cozy up in the bed with all my hounds an have some SleepyTime.
Happy Christmas to you!
P.S. Brad, you'd better be treating your wifey extra special this year.