Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Have Cardstock Or Printer Paper= Get To Work!

Yee HAW!!

Brad just wrapped all of our gifts and as per usual, I cannot find our gift tags. I buy them every year. I place them or store them in areas that would seem to "make sense", and lo and behold, every year I cannot find them!

Pinterest, blogland and free printables to the rescue! Need some? I did. Click on this link which will take you to Nest of Posies!

And more chalkboard tag FREE printables from overthebigmoon!

Brad and I started and nearly finished all of our christmas shopping yesterday. It was quite fun. We had lunch after and I had a YUGE red apple sangria! SOLD! It was delightful. It's also much easier to shop on a Tuesday in midafternoon.  Just sayin'. Large crowds filled with anxiety ridden shoppers always bums me out, so I try and stay away from those days.  I'm also not a very good shopper. I can shop vintage stores and home decor items, but take me to a clothing store and I start sighing and saying " I don't want to do this!"

Finally...more tags from Shanty-2-Chic!

Have a fabulous Wednesday, All!!




Sweet Fairy said...

Great post. Which kind of printer can print Metal business cards? said...

Sweet Fairy, I honestly do not know. :(

Thanks so much for visiting and commenting!

Anonymous said...

There's a reason I named my doll after you circa 1970-early! You hate clothes shopping + I want to dress you = the perfect combo! Let me make you my doll! You know I'll only roll with the most luxurious knits! Duster sweaters? Yoga kulats? A tuxedo you can sleep in? Done annnnd done!

I am out of my GOURD with love for these links today - especially the little chalkboard printable ornaments! I am super in HEARTS with them! And the Christmas tags...soooooo cute! Sigh. If I were buying more gifts this year, and had energy and time, I would be over all these ideas. I don't think I mentioned it to you during our convos, but I will say this: the cranberries-and-greenery-in-a-vase ideas that I sent your way (via Pinterest) never got executed due to el trabajo! But hey, if you never dream big, you'll never know just how far you can fall!

Anyhow, these links are a great gift to your readers - everybody's probably hunkering down with scotch tape and curse words right now, trying to wrap oddly shaped clam shell plastic containers filled with things that never needed to be overly packaged in such a way (product company: "why do we need 1 square meter of molded plastic to engulf this two inch flash drive?" Plastics company: "why not?")

I'm glad you finally got out into the wild. And I've always advocated unusual shopping times - my favorite time on Black Friday is the evening! Everyone tired themselves out earlier, so if you go to Target at 9:00 p.m. - it's like a normal day! The only time I end up amongst the masses is via necessity - as in, grocery shopping (your favorite), and/or have-to-buy-Crisco-on-your-way-home-because-you-have-company-coming-after-work-for-which-you-need-Crisco-don't-ask.

jingle balling it,
your cousin/bff/Kim/too-tired-for-a-crafty-2012-Christmas

P.S. Ballz.

P.P.S. I can also find Curtis a tuxedo he can sleep in. You name the price, I'll make it a reality.

Nicole said...

Does it make my stalker-ish because I love reading your bff's comments, and yours back? You two are very funny ladies! Makes me think Minnesota is an interesting place to least your part of it :)

Happy Solstice--I'm glad the Mayans were wrong....not that I ever thought they were right! said...

Ahhhh Kimster Mc Kim!

You had me at tuxedo shirts and the "feeling" that you could make it all happen until this gem:

" ideas that I sent your way (via Pinterest) never got executed due to el trabajo! But hey, if you never dream big, you'll never know just how far you can fall!"

LOL LOL. 'Tis true never know how far you can PLUMMET unless you reach big! You make me spit out drinks due to laughter!

Nicole~ I totally understand your reading Kim's comments. I am her b/f/f and I myself re read them when I need a pick me up. She is the funniest person I know. I actually have a friend who thought she was drunk at a game night because she's so naturally goofy and funny. The next day at work he said "She is hilarious and was SO wasted!" and I told him "She never drinks. That was her on Kool Aid! Imagine rum or vodka! Good god!"

Am also glad the Mayans were wrong..I think..3 hours to go here...or I guess given europe and other countries..we're all good?!