Friday, December 21, 2012

4th Grade Holiday Party!

Brad and I were lucky enough to be invited to Emerson's 4th grade Holiday Party earlier today. It was originally supposed to be Aunt and Uncle Appreciation Day, but after the events in Connecticut last week, his school decided it's "Anyone You Love Day" which I thought was wonderful.

Emerson on left and his friends Ben and Dylan. After I took this, I told him "You'll be happy to have this photo in 20 years. Trust me."  They all looked at me like I was a bit odd. Opinions vary, kids!!

Shoebox races! That's his mom Dawn on the left. The kids had to run with shoeboxes on, ring bells on chairs and get to the finish line first. The prize? Tootsie Rolls AND candy cane erasers! I was given a few Tootsies and one candy eraser from Em. He's good at sharing. He was also told "No diving at the finish line!" which he thought was hilarious. Later in the game, the boys put on mittens so as to make the game more difficult. It was really cute to watch. Most of the kids were jacked up on sugar by this point. And I mean, AMPED up!!

Uncle Brad and Emerson in his classroom.

Emerson's desk. Actually quite neat inside. I love elementary. Everything is so vibrant and colorful and happy. His whole 4th grade room has a great vibe. I also got to meet his teacher, Mr. Samsky who is extremely nice. He's the teacher everyone wants to get in 4th grade. When he needs their attention, he turns the lights down in the room and says "Okay..Little Scholars please pay attention.." I loved it. Later on he also told them "Now walk up to some of the people and volunteers and say thank you. Don't just say the words, look the person in the eye." I wanted him to be MY teacher! Is that weird?

Nice book selection right IN the classroom!! Do you see Judy Blume's "Tales of A Fourth Grade Nothing" up there? LOVE!!

Me and Emerson: One of my favorite peeps in the whole world. He's funny, witty and has a very kind heart. Love. This. Kid.

We went out for lunch after and I had too much food. He chose mac and cheese with veggies and mandarin oranges "because it's healthy" and refused dessert due to health reasons. LOL. He's very concerned for a 9 1/2 year old. I had to twist his arm to get him to try my creme brulee. He did end up liking it but told me "I may just order more carrots." So cute. He also made Brad a homemade birthday card (his bday was yesterday) and bought him an E.T. shirt. His affinity for vintage items from our era always makes me giggle.

I'm off to relax! Have a beautiful evening and a lovely weekend!



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