Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Wrap Up.

These candles at my new fave and local restaurant Stone Lounge just make me happy. They have them all over the restaurant and even HERE in the bathroom! I think that oftentimes I am perceived as odd for the photos I take. I see beauty or happiness and I GRAB it!

My nieces Madison and Kirsten on Christmas Day.  It was a fun day. Lots of thoughtful presents. Kirsten made me and Brad a beautiful "Inspire" painting that she did with crayons and melted crayon art. It's beautiful. She's going to be an elementary school teacher when she's done with school this spring. I would want her to be my child's teacher if I had one right now. She's just good. So is Madison on the left here. People always say how only children are spoiled and selfish, she is the exact opposite. Very sweet and loving and giving. Everytime she sees Emerson her cousin, she gives him something while quietly saying "Put this away and don't let my mom or dad see you, but this is for you." It's generally a toy or stuffed animal or something. She's also a great gymmast! She makes backflips and handsprings look like they're easy and we should all be able to do them!

Part of Madison's christmas gift. She likes homemade things and is really into notes and organizing so I made her a magnetic chalkboard from a vintage frame. She also got a giftcard to the Icing store (apparently a sister store to Claire's) and it was in a stylish wallet. Brad picked it all out. Cute and hilarious. The best part? She was just happy to get the zebra wallet and said "Oh! Thanks!" and then she realized she had a giftcard too. So sweet. They're all so appreciative that it makes gift giving fun.  I believe my Merry Christmas note was from the Shanty2Chic free printables!

Madison, Andrew, Amanda and Kirsten. We are missing Ava and Emerson this Christmas day which was a bummer. Emerson was with his dad's side of the family in Pennsylvania and Ava was with her mom.  Andrew  received a bunch of magic trick stuff from us. He's really into it and watches YouTube videos and has shown me some cool stuff.

Amanda excited about her Justin Bieber perfume! Brad bought the girls gifts. He knew what they wanted and seemed to know where to find everything! He's a much better shopper than me! I think my brother asked "When did Bieber get into the perfume biz?" and I told him "he's got smart management! Long after his singing career is over, the Bieb will be rolling in money from all over! No Diff'rent Strokes stress for this child star!"

Amanda, Kirsten, Nick and my sister Dawn. Kirsten was opening Dawn's gifts and she got a bunch of cute stuff..signs for her desk at school and kids books for her future classroom. She's very prepared!

This pic is just me making fun of my mad camera skillz! I meant to get a pic of Amanda but sans Kirsten's foot instead! Note to Self: WEAR glasses more often!

Madison and Andrew going through his box of magic tricks.

This next montage of photos and the one above shows me trying to get all of the kids in front of the tree for a pic. Only Madison was helping out. They all kept moving AWAY from the tree...but I love random shots, so here they are!

It makes me laugh to see the progression or lack thereof...and I love it!!

Me and Brad. This was take seven...apparently (and shockingly, ha!!) my eyes were closed in all pics. So in order to look present and awake in photos, it has come to this- unless we don't need flash! Ugh. Not my fave pic. I also loved this shirt on me that day, but in pics I have said aloud "Note to self..maybe horizontal stripes are NOT your friend."  Unlike Deb from Dexter who wore horizontal stripes ALL last season, I am not 95 pounds!

Wrapping it up below...saw my BFF Kim the day after Christmas and we hit Pier One for 50% off of holiday decor! I haven't bought any holiday ornaments or anything in years. I spent $20 and got a ton of cute Roly Poly Santa below:

And this pretty star was around $1!

Little stars for 50 cents...everywhere a star!

And new chevron pillow covers from Etsy! I LOVE them!!

Find them here and many other things as well as curtains, etc...on Etsy:

Hope everyone had a great holiday! I'm off to finish up some Pinterest crafts! My chevron frame is almost done. I will say: Just use the right tools to begin with. I lazily used masking tape in lieu of painters tape and..DUMB!! Paint bleeding through, touching up..etc...just do it right the first time! <---message to self!

Have a great weekend!



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