Saturday, December 15, 2012


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Like  everyone else, I am feeling overwhelmed and saddened by everything that happened yesterday in Connecticut. I have cried and prayed and turned off the TV and shut down my phone and computer after being overwhelmed with sadness. I have no children right now, but I will someday. I do have many nieces and nephews and was just at Emerson's school on Wednesday to pick him up.  The horror that the families, children and loved ones are enduring right now is beyond comprehension.  On my worst days on this planet and the longer I live on it, I just find that I don't "get" a lot of what humans do. Senseless violence. Needless suffering. The more I know, the less I know.  I never had to worry about being safe at elementary school when I was a kid. My biggest stress was being moved from the Mickey Mouse Reading Club to the middle Donald Duck Club. Mickey's was advanced and it was stressing me out in first grade. Beyond that, it was beautiful. I loved school, my teachers and everything about it.

Hoping for Healing and Calm.



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Nicole said...

Beautiful picture. We have lockdown drills, and have had parents complain. Connecticut is exactly why we do it. Nothing is left to chance, every child and adult in the building knows exactly what to do in an intruder situation. Frankly it terrifies me, because it's my job to keep everyone safe. I don't spend a lot of time thinking about it, but it's there.

We just have to keep in mind--for all of the evil in the world, there is more good, good people and hope. Those who perpetuate horror are by far the minority. We need to stop giving the b*st*rds less attention and focus on the good.

That's why we have pinterest :)