Monday, December 3, 2012

Cutest Mantel Idea and Christmas Ideas.

Found this on Pinterest today and it kind of warms my heart. Who needs an Elf on the Shelf when you can just go ahead and hang Santa's britches and undergarments on your mantel instead? Why didn't I think of this? It's BRILLIANT.
This would also be perfect for you KIM! My best friend and her Polly Pocket Tendencies! Her love of all things small and miniscule! It always bugged me as a child. As adults, when we look for holiday gifts for nieces and nephews, she is forever drawn to the tiny. So much so that I now sigh and say "Yes. So small. Almost not even there. Polly P Style!"

Also from Pinterest..why not have your littles make the aunts, uncles and grandparents some cute, "handy" homemade art?
Speaking of grandparents: When my BFF'S nephew was little and she still lived at home, he used to call and ask "Can I talk to Grandma please?" and if Kim put her mom on the phone Cole would get upset and yell "No! The BOY Grandma!" Laugh OUT Loud!

Great holiday gift idea! You could maybe even go on the EXTREME cheap here and buy say..a bottle of $3 Boones Farm Wine and do this! Strawberry Hill flavor anyone? That was my fave drink as a young person.
Image via Pinterest.

Also from Pinterest..this is just pretty and looks to me like that old fashioned holiday candy!

I'm off to do God knows what. I know I have **things** to do but I just feel kind of lazy. In a bit I will force Brad to view my nude drawings from my years as an art student! I used to force them upon my BFF in places like Starbucks where she'd get embarrassed and yell "What? Why here?"  Me "Because of THIS reaction!" They always made her uncomfy. Hey, I was just drawing what I saw. I guess I've never shown them to Brad. How did THAT happen? We're gonna round out 2012 with a viewing for him soon.

Have a beautiful day my sweet friends.




Nicole said...

Gotta say, Elf on the Shelf is as creepy as heck! Reminds me of a fictional elf my Granny told me about named Peekaboo. It scared the bejeepers out of me and caused many nightmares. Just saying. said...

Nicole..peekaboo? Lol! Now you. MUST share the story, .please!

Anonymous said...

You know I loved that Santa clothesline mantel! Yes, I've always been into the tiny things in life, you always like the bigger and the chunkier. I liked drawing details, you liked drawing houses! You paint entire rooms....I paint people's hearts! (Don't know what that means!! I just went with it!)

I think the thing about the nude drawings like to shock me. And I like to shock you. It's "what we do". Often involuntarily. It wasn't the drawing per se as the nearness to my face of the hairiest parts of the drawing; you held it up to me and wanted me to "LOOK!!!" Good times, Maynard, good times.

That's one of my favorite Cole stories!! My mom kept lol'ing constantly at that call. Now that he's 17, I don't think I've told him that story in sounds like it'll be this year's Christmas Eve tale!

finger printing a reindeer for you right now,
your cousin/Kim/bff/polly-pocket-fan said...

You DO paint hearts! Snort, LOL and color mine crimson! !


Waiting anxiously for reindeer art via usps!

Please add the sugar cookies that you tried to mail me back in '78!

Anonymous said...

The Crimson Tide....of LOVE! A pstunami of feeling!! "Joy to the world!"

I will add sugar cookies and perhaps a couple chips-ahoys, as I do believe that may have been at the nexis of what I tried to mail your way.

Hope you're listening to the Christmas version of "while you're away"


P.S. "Turn on your HEART LIGHTS!" and "You make it feel LIKE Christmas!! Even when skies are blue...." said...

I !feel! Like we may very well listen to Silent Mice ™ later!

Anonymous said...