Monday, September 10, 2012

They Say Sophia from Golden Girls, I Say Colonel Sanders.

Halloween obsessions via Pinterest. This is captioned as "Sofia from Golden Girls"..I won't even go into the misspelling of the name..when this CLEARLY is a Baby Colonel Sanders!

I never really got into this movie, I think I was too old when it came out to get a lot of the jokes OR perhaps I'm a bit lame..opinions vary, I am sure. But it does make a cute Halloween Two-Fer Costume!

Cheap and somewhat clever!

I don't know exactly why I have such an affinity for this one, but it is hilarious to me! Maybe it's the fact that he's defending himself against something? I guess kids hitting him angrily with a stick? I have always found the whole pinata thing odd--"Hey kids! I know we've taught you to be loving and kind...but go and kick the crap out of that flamboyant damned pinata! Yeah! give it all you got!" Odd.

Best ever! The boxed wine! Be sure to say this to your waitress if you wear this as well and be rude (nod to horrible peeps in my waitressing days): "Do you have ANY good wine? I mean..GOOD wines?  Like white zinfandels?"

I'm still planning on being Mr. Chow from the Hangover movies. Specifically the first movie. White pantsuit, heels and fabulous sunglasses..and for me...a short, brown wig.

Buttons and Bowties and all Things Fine!


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Anonymous said...

I luuuhs these! You know the Castaway costume is my favorite! I want to BE the ball! "BE the ball!"

lol on that kid being Colonel Sanders. I say you put a chicken wing anywhere in that stroller, and you have yourself a deal. heck, if you put a chicken wing in MY stroller, you'd have yourself a deal. I don't know why I have a stroller in this scenario, other than to remind you that I want you to carry me around in a baby bjorn! And vice versa! It will be confusing! Everything all tangled up with no answer to the question, "who's carrying WHO?"

Your current Halloween obsession is adorable! Maybe you shouldn't even wait until Halloween to be Mr. Chow...start now! Confuse your local Coburn's cashier. Show up in full costume....say nothing. Smile. Pay. leave.

I luhs you!!

your cousin/bff/kim