Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Weekend. Bradders. Horses And A Win!

Bradders had the weekend off of work. Phew! He had worked a good six nights in a row prior to the weekend, so I was happy to see him! When he works that much, we really just say "hello" and "goodbye" or..to be honest, he will be a little chatty kathy in the morning as he arrives home to me--sleeping. Sometimes I'll try and wake up to chat as it's fun. If I went to bed at 3 or 4AM I will just say "I'm so tired honey." and go back to sleep. The point is: We miss each other because we literally miss out on almost a week of what's happenin'! <---Remember that show? Was Rerun a character? I digress.

We decided to meet up with some friends at Canterbury Downs over the weekend. There's horse racing there, gambling AND the place where Junk Bonanza in Minnesota occurs every fall! Yayy!   I never bet on anything really. I have a history of being fairly good at blackjack but haven't played in years. So..with the aid of our friend Joe, we made a bet of $6. I chose the horses based on names. I know, so logical! Why go by numbers and stats when you can choose  a name like Mogadishu?

 Me and Brad. I have to look surprised in photos in order to have my eyes open. If not, 99% of the time I look tired or drunk or both.

Well....we won!! I think $40 the first race. It was fun, but a fluke I was sure. So I downed my red wine and looked at the stars. We were outside, it was the perfect evening. A band played a bit too loudly. The people watching was fun.

Canterbury Park. I was there. I won!

Next race: We made another bet.  think it was an $8 bet, but I can't be sure. I chose by names again. The race starts...our horse is second to last..I think Joe laughed at me. Suddenly...nearing the end, #8..a.k.a. "Our Horse" (sad that I chose by name yet cannot recall. I know.) is in second place..I stand up and start yelling. I have become one of the people that I was staring at in a confused manner upon arrival. I'm yelling and cheering and...my horse won!!  We bet less than $15 and won a little over $200.  We celebrated by ordering some chicken fingers and hit the McDonald's drive thru for some 2AM greasy fries and fab foods!

2AM snack! What ELSE do you eat after a big win? Not much as nothing is open! Ha! I do have to say that I am shocked myself that we did not order ice cream cones! WTF?

In other news, my close friend gifted me with a "crazy cat lady" mug. I have no cats, but I did LIVE across the hall in my 2004 apartment from..the craziest cat lady ever. To Rhonda! I don't think that was her name, but she was difficult to say the least. She didn't like me because her cats used to run into my apartment and hung out in the  laundry room. She essentially used the whole complex as a house for her cats ( I do love animals, but this was ridiculous) and left her door open all the time. Her apartment smelled..like 18 years of cats (she had lived there for that long) and she accused me of purposely driving over a $1 plastic container that she kept bird food in outside. Yep. She threatened to call the police on me. True story.

My sweet nephew started 4th grade today! He sent me a text saying "I am sorry I can't come over today. My belly hurts." ( Aww..he was a bit ill and we were supposed to have one last summer day of fun.) and later "I hope I have a lot of friends in my class. I'm funny sometimes. Will you come to my lunch one day?" He's just so sweet and he still seems to want to be around me and my husband, cuddle and hold hands. I know it won't last forever so I am appreciating every moment!

My older nephew, Nick who is 18 began his first day of college today! So proud! The photo below is of him at a Minnesota  Twins game. He caught the ball in some "ball off"..and won a flat screen!  I know it wasn't a ball-off and is called something else..but that hit me as funny!

Finally..this is what Brad would look like with an afro. Have you ever "yearbooked" yourself? Good times, people. GOOD times!  Bald or with a 'fro..I loves him!

Have a wonderful evening! I'm off to eat some oatmeal. It sounds good, I wanted carrot cake and so I'm making a concession. Maple and Brown Sugar Oats it IS!

Love & Llamas~



Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Cute pic of you guys!!!
I can't believe you fro'd Brad. LOL
Thanks for making me want hot salty fries and gasp! I can't believe there was no cone! The world has tilted upside down!
xxx, TOT

Tina@thriftingwithcake.blogspot.com said...


The world HAS flipped on its axis! No cones? I think it was the alcohol...I had just drank a black russian prior to our fried food extravaganza and it was SWEET!

I had to 'fro Brad...there's a pic of me similar out there..somewhere..someway..if I find it, I shall post it!