Saturday, March 16, 2013

Helping A Friend.

Today's post is for my friend Caryn. In the spirit of other "donate a dollar" or Chip Ins that I've done or linked up to, I'd like to ask for any donation to help her and her family and puppy mill rescues. No donation is too small! $1? GREAT! 50 cents? Fabulous! More? You are awesome sauce! 

Caryn recently moved from New Mexico to Texas with her family and grandbabies. There were issues with the sale of her house. It sold and then at the last minute the sale did not go through.  She has four adorable rescue dogs that have ongoing health problems due to the puppy mill she rescued them from. Two of the dogs were rescued from a puppy mill in Artesia, NM after it was raided.  200 of those dogs were placed in pounds. They both have conditions due to their beginnings at the puppy mill.  Monty almost died and then had to have half of his teeth removed due to their bad condition. Caryn's trying to keep up his teeth issues, but they are red and inflamed again and as all of you with animals know- none of this is cheap.  She doesn't want him to lose the rest of his teeth. Awful. Lily has had kennel cough and her 16 year old dog has issues. 

Monty and Lily!

In a regular world, this is problematic and expensive. In a world where you just moved to a different state, your house sale fell through and your animal babies are ill, it's overwhelming.  I know if this were happening to me, I'd appreciate any help. I think we've all been there and for most of us it makes us empathetic and helpful, which is all I want to do. Please feel free to donate via Paypal to Caryn's email address at rescuehelp47((AT)) or use the You Caring button to donate any amount. If we can help people build wells in other countries, help with adoptions and all else, I think we can also help someone who has just fallen on hard times and needs a little assistance.

Monty. How precious!

Rescue dogs! As you all know, I think helping animals is God's work. They can't speak and we are their advocates. I LOVE Caryn for adopting, loving and caring for her rescues!!

Thanks so much for reading and have a lovely day!!



rachel said...

sweet wittle babies! Just gave $5.00 :) said...


Thank you so much, you made my night and I really appreciate it!! You are awesome!

Nicole said...

Those little beagle faces just slay me. My first dog of my own was a lab beagle mix, with that sweet face. I miss her so....even though I have a fabulous Chase girl to snuggle with.

Nicole said...
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Tina Lou said...

What sweet faces! Just donated and hope things turn out okay for them all.
Hoping you have sunshine!
xo, TOT said...

Thank you for donating, everyone! I really appreciate it! You are all wonderful ladies.

In an unrelated update- snow here and temps like it's January! PLEASE send sun!


Christi said...

This is great. Glad I could help. said...

Thank you, Christi!!