Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gifts For YOU on Love Day!

Photo Credit: Facebook and my sweet friend Erick Skyler! No need to thank me, folks! Just enjoy the eye candy!!

This just made me laugh out loud yesterday. No, it's not funny that the baby would be drinking. The fake story is funny! And I love that he clearly lives in Ireland!

Swoony Doggie Love!! I'd pay WAY MORE for a kiss!

Good point! I also would like to add coffee drinkers. All jacked up on caffeine = All fun!

I don't think I wanted to do this even when I was poor, 19 and living in Uptown Minneapolis! No thanks!

I love Portlandia! It's just so..odd. Brad doesn't really enjoy it and rarely laughs. It makes me snort,but it's not always funny. At times, it's just uncomfy to watch! The best episode ever is when these two go out to eat in Portland. They're obsessed with the free range chicken they are about to order. They want to see its "papers" and find out the name of the chicken, etc. Very funny!

LOL.   [Via]

That's all folks! Hope you have a lovely day. Brad and I were supposed to head to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and dinner someplace in Minneapolis. He's tired from working nights and we'll probably do that tomorrow. I hear french toast calling my name.

Must answer!

Happy Love Day!




Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

All good ones! The baby is my fav, of course. The Hoff is a close second. LOL
Enjoy your french toast, which sounds wonderful actually. I think we are going to see Safe Haven. I just finished the book. I'm sure Dave will fall asleep during the movie! More popcorn and milkduds for me.
Happy VD! ;)

rachel said...

Those are HILARIOUS! I have seen variations of the White Castle sign on facebook today. I wonder if it's a photoshopped hoax. Either way, it's still clever and funnaaaaay!

And that Hoff. That's just gross. Is that a sweater? and wooly leggings? ew.