Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Donuts. Amazing Hair Tutorials & Pic Of The Day!

First and foremost: Blogger is doing some odd things TO ME. At least it feels that way. I post pics and links and the links don't show up after I publish it and the view of the posts are kind of wonky. I'm working on it. Or am I? I was also recently inspired by the CRAPTASTIC blog and have decided to start trying to pretty up my blog, make it more unique and start getting it on over at Pic Monkey. Rome was not built in a day, people. Wait for it. Found this blog today via Pinterest and I have got to say- I have hope for my hair yet! I've never known how to curl my hair to get Taylor Swift waves or to do much to my hair. I recently chopped off four inches in my bathroom. Eek! I have a tendency to do this in February. A few years back I thought I'd look cute with some short, mod bangs so I cut them myself. Blog is here: http://eisymorgan.blogspot.com/p/about-me.html HORROR!! I showed up at my best friend's house. To this day she laughs and says "You looked spooked and said 'Oh my god! What have I done? I think I might throw up!'" Now that I'm the 4.1 version of Tina (aka..age 41)I find that I care a lot less. I've had moments over the past two days where I saw my hair and said "I love it!" and then "Oh my god...let's paint something." Or maybe even eat a donut! Today's breakfast!
This is not my usual breakfast of champions. Brad showed up from work with a bag of donuts. What am I supposed to do? Pretend like they're NOT staring at me? Throw them in the garbage? Don't want to be rude!! This photo says it all...I am in 150% agreement with whomever wrote this!


Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

You chopped your hair? I have a very bad habit of doing that.
Do not be rude to the donut!!!
Love the snow picture..poor you having to shovel snow all the time.
xo , TOT

Ania said...

Haha!! to the hair cutting habit of February. I have a similar tendency... last winter I was pregnant and feeling huge and blah and couldn't paint my toenails so I cut bangs myself. Sorta like your story. Except I was desperate enough to just feel relief when it was over. Chopped off about, I dunno, 13 inches in December this time around. :) My husband drags home donuts and stuff from work ALL the time. And yeah, they just STARE at you, even when your back is turned. ;D

Nicole said...

Saw a woman with really funky cute curlyish hair and she had adorable bangs. Actually considered it for all of 30 seconds, then came to my senses and summoned the memory of the last time I tried to go for that look. Not good. Ended up with no bangs, as they all curl up and disappear. Def too old to look like a very unattractive 8 year old. :)

Grace said...

Oh heavens, occasionally I get a mad craving for donuts but my husband never brings them home. I guess that's just as well.

I've got the itch to do something to my hair too! It must be a virus like a cold or something! Except I'm thinking about doing a henna dye to get red hair... 0_0