Sunday, July 8, 2012

Return From Paradise!

That would be Colorado!

FANTASTIC trip! So much fun. Bradders is a good husband AND a fun travel buddy.

We had lots of great conversations, lots of great food. I had my first Rusty Nail at 7,500 feet. NOT recommended when you come from just above sea level. We both had altitude sickness the first night in Estes Park & that drink was just a dumb idea. As my BFF used to say when she was a little "That's just dumb! D-O-M!"

More to stories..following what looked like a cocaine covered Prius through Iowa (nod to The Other Guys with Will Ferrell...) and so much more!

Top pic of me and Brad in Estes Park after dinner at our hotel. Bottom...Rocky Mountain Park.

New friends made at every turn!!

I will say this: I am not much for heights. I like hiking. I liked being up here and walking around...nearly 12,000 feet. I used to live in Flagstaff, AZ and drove the switchbacks to and from work. THIS FREAKED ME OUT. Brad had to do all of the driving. No guardrails. At one point I said "Oh! We're at the top! Good!" and he pointed up and said "Nope. Not there yet." and the next part of the drive he said "You may want to close your eyes right now." Eek. He did tell me "you're not really afraid of heights because you walk around and are fine up there. You do not like CLIFF roads with no edge." Tell it like it is, Bradders. There was a point where he reached for a mint while taking one hand off of the steering wheel and I said "Seriously? Do you have to do that right now?" and from that point on he kept saying "Look honey! Hands at 10 and 2!"

Have a lovely evening! I have loads of laundry!




Anonymous said...

Thanks for quoting my 8-year-old self back to me. And my 20-something-year-old self says this about having drinks right before shooting up a mountain, “You so crazy, I think I wanna have YO baby.” Except minus the baby part. Just in this instance. Salt ‘n Peppa HEYE!

I agree with Brad that you don’t like cliffs. You also don’t like plummeting off them and landing in twisted, firey wreckage. You’re weird that way.

You know I love the photos. Pretty you + pretty mountains = eye explosion. Thanks for ruining my balls, eye, this morning. (See, if I go with “eyes comma balls” in the same format as “surname comma first name,” it gives me a chance to say “balls” for no reason. And I know you’re on board with that.)

I’m glad you and Brad had a spectacular time, as you two kids always do on your road trips!

Looking forward to hearing about the Prius,
Your bff/cousin/Kim

Rachel Reeves said...

Welcome back (and beautiful pictures!)! said...

Kim San~ You're always funny & you're quite welcome for the NOD back to your chitlin self!

Rachel~ welcome! Thank you so much for visiting and commenting! :-)