Monday, July 16, 2012

My Etsy Shop & Sale, Cake and Randoms

Summer sale going on in my Etsy shop!  It's hot, I've been making things and need more room for new items!

Get 15% off from  now until...who knows...with the code "summersale" at checkout!


Memoboards for kids rooms, nurseries, baby shower gifts...I have "heard" that chevron is out, I say it's still IN!

Need a place to display your little one's masterpieces or photos?

Rustic display frames with chicken wire:

In other completely unrelated news..met up with my nephew Nick for lunch today. For whatever ridiculous reason, I continue to order SOUP at restaurants! It's 100 degrees here! I was doing this on our road trip to and from Colorado as well...I don't get it myself. "100 degrees? What kind of soup do you folks have? Chicken Noodle? A bowl please, extra hot!" It is weird. And I've been drinking my morning coffee hot. I usually ice it. What is up?!

I seriously have to buy the dogs a little pool for the backyard as it's too hot to do anything other than sit out there and sigh...

This damned cake Brad made is still taunting me! It's delicious but come one can eat cake everyday! Do I want to? Check. Can I? Nope. My desire to hit my treadmill is also at an all time LOW and that makes guessed it..even more "awesome"!!

On the wall in a restaurant in Estes Park..think these would be big sellers in my Etsy shop?!

Emerson's cute little soccer pic made into a button! Who doesn't like a button? Exactly. I remember my mom wearing one of me from softball on her purse and I was mortified. We also lived in a very small town.."hey Tina! Saw your mom and your pic taking a ride on her purse yesterday at Ben Franklin! Ha!"  I have worn this ON my purse, but because it's so cute..Brad and I like to hide it around the house for one another to find. It's our "Where's our Waldo?" moment of the day. Today I found it in my sunglass case!


Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

You know you want to eat that cake!
I bet you're eating some right now...
and I wish I had a piece.
The sign is hilarious, you should definitely make one.
Cute little button boy! said...


I did eat a slice!

A small, tiny slice!

I also find button boy to be magically adorable..and the sign idea? Hmmm....who would buy them? ;-)

Have a great day!

xo Tina

Anonymous said...

Yeow! I can't wait to try that cake!! By week's end, that cake will be doing the cha cha inside me.

You know the wisdom of soup on hot days: maybe it makes your innards "match" the temp outside, and therefore you feel less hot because you're all acclimated to the outside temp. <--I just made that up now. But it sounds good, right?

Instead I found this:
"There’s this anecdote about a little boy who asked his grandmother why she drank hot coffee even on very hot days and she countered by asking the boy why he liked to eat ice cream even on very cold days." - Connie Veneracion

So there you go, maybe you're eating soup because you're just one of "those" people. A soup eater. Plus soup is comforting. And it's liquid, and we need more liquid on hot days. Maybe your body just wanted more hydration, and you were mostly feeding it coffee, so it said, "hey, girl, if you're not going to give me water, then I'm going to give you a craving to liquify your ENTIRE MEAL!!"

I have NEVER heard this adorable story of you and LBS hiding the button all over the house for each other! So, so, so cute!! Adorbs! Cute boy, cute button.

Is it wrong that I love the coloring and character of the Cripple Creek sign? sure, the "coffins" part doesn't really jazz me, but I love that kind of rustic sign. I'm pretending it says "Crackle Creek, Muffins Made on Short Order". See? Isn't that better? I say yes.

Everything in your etsy shop is fantastic. I'll take 10 of each!

lol'ing all over myself about the button hiding game,
your cousin/bff/Kim

P.S. Luhs you!