Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rocky Mountains Part Two

Yes, there are more pictures. Always more! I have a few cute pics of me and of me with Brad and then...many, MANY terrible ones. I told my best friend "There are even a few where I look like a Nordic man...are you and Brad BLIND?" and "This is why it's always good to really work on your innards!" I digress.

This little nugget was found at a gas station somewhere in Nebraska. I thought it was pretty sage advice:
Can't argue with common sense. It was about 105 degrees when I took

Have you seen a cuter window-washer recently? I have not. I heart Brad.

We didn't eat here, but I did stop to pee. I just love the look of it...and had I been hungry and had we not stopped oodles of times for gas and said urinating, I would like to think I would have eaten a BLT here with a vanilla coke.

On our way up to Estes Park.

I have to say that when this much beauty surrounds me, it's hard to even remember why or how things bug me. Brad asked me about something during this trip and I said "Honestly, it's so amazing here that I haven't even thought about that in a few days." THAT is also a good vacation!

We do a lot of self photos. For the first time in a few years, we figured out how to use the TIMER on our camera! So we used that a bit because it was fun with me yelling 'NO, NOW! Get back here! Five seconds!" We even had someone ask "Can I take your photo for you?" Us: "Nope, this is fun." Weirdos, we are. Yes. Easily entertained?

Estes Park. This town was super cute and beautiful, but a bit too touristy for me. Too many t-shirt shops and stores selling junk. To me. I understand if others like it. We stayed five minutes away from all of this and I liked it much better. Pretty, just not for me.

Estes Park Sock Tree for Kim. I don't understand it but tried not to question the how or why.

I find this kind of beauty humbling, inspiring and proof that God does exist. 

Bradders. This picture makes my heart happy as he had hip surgery last September and is finally up and around. 

I simply love this. It's beautiful. We didn't want to bother the tree by adding our initials and didn't think it important, but seeing this made my heart happy. Wonder if these couples are still together, alive, etc.??

From 90 degrees to 55 degrees in less than 48 miles. That was pretty cool. I loved it up here minus the terrifying roads with NO GUARDRAILS. Seriously. How many people just drive off the road? When I took my first roadtrip through Colorado (through the mountains, I had always just driven through the east side.) and asked a guy "How scary is the drive?" He replied "It's okay. We lose some people every year at the Ouray Pass because they drive too fast, hit a goat and go off the edge." ???? Stuff that you can only find out from locals! It's like when I lived in Sedona. People regularly wear the wrong shoes, fall off of rocks and die there. It's bad for tourism so no one really talks about it. I digress. The point? Listen to the locals! I have a respect for scary mountain roads that are unfamiliar!

The coolest thing about being up here...the various animals. The flower and plant life in such a harsh environment. Apparently the grow season for some flowers is only 40 days! Also..we saw a bee pollinating a flower at 11,000+ feet. That was pretty amazing. I would be remiss if I forgot to mention that we also had a fly travel with us from middle Nebraska TO Colorado. Talk about hitching a ride! I think that needs to be made into a kids movie, but another time, another day!

Off to dinner! If I get the guts, I may just post all of the vacation that is.

Wishing you all a lovely evening!



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Anonymous said...

Love it! I feel “there”. And thanks for the pic of the sock tree. Thankfully they all look clean. Although I don’t know why it matters to me that they’re clean, as I don’t think anyone’s thought, “I need socks. Hey! Let’s look in nearby trees!” Until now, I guess.

I feel the same way when I see the mountains or any other vast expanse of nature! Gorgeous.

I’m glad Brad was able to be up and around and all monkey-like on the rocks. It’s a testament to his grit and stamina that he just decided to ball it and just OWN the rocks, “Take THAT, rocks!” – he didn’t say. But I’m appreciative that you both had such a great time!!

Luhs you!