Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Inspiration And Love

This about sums it up for me today:

image via Pinterest

My basil plant. The smell of this just makes me happy and relaxed. However, when I try to have one indoors in the cold months, it always attracts those nasty flies. 
Back porch view here. It's pretty. It's also 100+ lately during the day. Sigh. Too bad it's too hot to enjoy Still..lovely.

Right before a huge storm on Friday. Someone wise once said "If you don't like your view in the moment, look up." I agree. Always seems to put things into perspective!

Curtis likes the view too!

Happy Sunday All! It's dirty armpit hot here....and seems like it's only going to get worse. I really wish I had a pool about now. Maybe I'll buy the dogs a cheap Mr. Turtle this week?





Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Hey Tina,
Just read a comment you left on those crappy Anthro chairs and you sound like a girl I like! Haha
I just finished reading your profile and a few posts. Laying on the couch with dogs watching Weeds? check.
Cake? check. Uses the word conniption? You be a friend o'mine.
Add another Tina to your world. ;)
xo, T.

michele said...

i'm all about the cake! pie brings out the worst in me.

have a giveaway goin' on here:
and hope you win!

michele said...


Thanks so much for visiting and commenting! Tina- so glad you enjoy the use of "conniption"..LOL..I have rarely met anyone who uses it, I LOVE it!


I am off to check out your giveaway! Thanks for the heads up AND pie is no good for me either..UNLESS it's french silk!



rachel said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog today! So now I guess I have THREE readers that aren't my mom!!!
Love your blog!
Rachel said...


Hilarious! I have I think three readers as well that aren't related to me in any way! Too funny!

Thanks for stopping by!

Tina :-)