Sunday, July 1, 2012

Colorado Bound!

The Bradster and I are leaving for Colorado tomorrow morning! YaHOO!

He's only been there in the winter to ski. I used to live in Sedona, AZ so I'd head there regularly in the summers. SO excited to be there in the summer again! We will be roadtripping it & have an overview of what we want to do, but are also flexible and are just planning on heading to wherever feels fun, good and right. Minus the areas on fire.


We plan on camping here and there. It's really the only place I love to camp because..come on! The views! The nature. The splendor. Who cares if you're a bit dirty for a day with this kind of scenery? I also like to camp for a night/day...go to a

Our garage sale was a success even though it was kind of tiring (the set up, the making $$ part is easy. It was sitting in our humid garage in 90++ heat that wasn't so fun.) and we picked the dumbest weekend to do it as everyone was leaving to head north for the holiday week...but we still brought in $200 so I say "That's a good day!"

In other news...we just started watching "Weeds" Season ONE (have never seen any!) and I'M IN LOVE!! Oh my godfathers...GREAT show! Hilarious. Smart. Clever. And my new fave song- the theme song "Little Boxes" and everything I find true about 'burb living. And I LIVE in the 'burbs right now so I know of what I speak and don't like. There are also things I DO like here..but some things..not so  much. "Made of ticky tacky..":

Catch you all in a week with hopefully great stories and beautiful photos!

HOLLA from the Mountains!



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