Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ode To Kim. Kimster. Bott. Shazzeriffic. My BFF.

This will be rather short & for sure will be very, very sweet because it's about "my layday!"


My best friend in the whole world..for 30++ years running...


Here she is on her wedding day. Isn't she pretty?
I  love her and this photo SO much that I think I MAY one day do an Andy Warhol photo collage of her. Kimbolee in CMYK? Why yes! Neons, yellows, black and white, reddish's gonna happen!

If you never read the comment section here, you are missing out. Why? Because she leaves the most hilarious commentary that is always spot on, thoughtful, random and  just very funny and extremely odd. So  odd. In the BEST way ever! She makes me laugh like no one else. We have a weird shorthand. We are first and foremost cousins who became best friends.

She had a life sized doll that she named Tina as a kid. I never knew this. It's not like when I headed over to play or for a sleepover I was greeted with "Tina! Meet Tina!".  Nowadays she says "I named my DOLL after you! How much did I LIKE YOU?" So sweet.

I feel very blessed to have her. She's my person. She gets me, gives great advice, is fair and honest and again..hilarious.

Let your freak flag fly, Kim!

Recent excerpt (not the whole thing) from her comments about a post I did. This will give you insight into her very original brand of funny. For instance (see below) "I will fashion the shims. You will use them." LOL. Who says that kind of stuff? She keeps me on my toes!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yeow!! It IS random and yet I ain't hatin' it! BAM! My comments will be JUST as random!

 You're all petite and pretty and yet you all still somehow manage to have the strength of a thousand angry night leopards. In the end times, if Curtis didn't kill birds for you, I'm sure you'd handily wrestle someone to the ground for the last can of creamed corn. The point is: I want you on my side. I will fashion the shims, you will use them.

In other news: I just ate 12 italian cookies.

And thanks! I guess my hunt for 3 gradually diminishing-in-size porcelain white elephants is over. Yay! You provide a service, and I want that service.

The way your life is going right now with Curtis and the birds and the wood ticks and the whatever-it-is that's pooping in your sandbox, it's very much like you're some kind of domestic, unintentional forest ranger. You should get a hat. Maybe pin one so Brad can buy it. As you know, I'm sorry you've had to witness bird destruction. It IS disturbing. I wouldn't be able to stop screaming.

And yes, Brad is a keeper! Always number one on the mate-selection list: "will this person spoon feed me the creamed corn I just wrestled out of that guy's hands?"

I luhs you and yer picture show! 

You keep me young, Kim! You keep me young!

Off to have our very own garage sale tomorrow and Saturday. Is it weird that I feel a bit odd about having peeps stare at all of my junk?

Taking it to the streets~



Maja said...

She is such beautiful and it is nice to see when people have good friends :) You are such lucky lady :)

Following you <3

Anonymous said...

Wow, kid! And now all *I* can do is quote Josh Groban, "You raise me I can stand on RAY-HAYZE me UPPP, to walk on stormy seas...I am stroooong, when I am on your shouldERS.." I don't know what I'd be doing standing on your shoulders, but you make me feel like I can perch there, like a giant, flightless, pet bird! Polly want a cracker...of love! UNH! Thanks, kid.

Whatever fan you are of me, I'm right back at you, so THERE! "BIG fan, HUGE." As evidenced by the fact that yes, I took such a shine to her when I was incredibly small that I had this giant, life-sized baby doll with blonde hair, and I just took one look and thought, "Tina". To this day my family refers to that doll as "the Tina doll."

What I said about her strength is true: she is extremely small (like, "I'll-bet-she'd-fit-into-that-cupboard" small*) and yet has the guns of Mark Wahlberg, but if Mark Wahlberg were a girl. The point is, there are apples where biceps should be, and I recommend not going toe to toe with her for creamed corn in the apocalypse. (And I don't think she even LIKES creamed corn, that's just how bad ass she is.)

*I have never attempted to fit her into a cupboard. But I wouldn't hesitate to smuggle her on board a spaceship in my carry-on if I had one of the last tickets to Mars and we were all leaving earth because a comet was about to make a smoldering pile of rubble out of our planet. That's how dedicated I am. To imagining smaller and smaller places she can fit into. And taking her with me everywhere. In fact, I want an adult-sized baby sling so I can carry her around on my chest. Weird or's happening.

L.O. capital L on making an Andy Warhol painting of that wedding pic! And also lol on " Tina!" Good stuff, Maynard. YOU keep ME young. No need for Joan Lunden's Resurgence cream.

I luhs you!! And I may or may not suddenly appear at your garage sale with a wad of cash and a hankering for any Conway Twitty albums you might have in surplus. (Note to others: she LOVES Conway Twitty. Can't get enough!!**)

**That's a lie.

your cousin/bff/Kim/number one fan

Gabriele V. said...

Hi dear,
maybe you would like to follow each other's blogs with GFC or via bloglovin? or even both?

have a nice day!