Thursday, June 21, 2012

Randoms At Our House. How Things Really Look.

This post is for Kim, my best pal.

When she comes over, she always says "you should take pictures of the flattened stuffed dog toys that Curtis ruins and how hilarious it all looks." So..this one's for you, Kim-San Baby!

I like to think that our house generally looks fairly neat and clean. It's usually clean, but there are always weird items strewn about due to the puppy. I think his motto is basically "I've never met an object that can't be played with!"

Curtis with Twinkie Box. I polish off the box, he chews it for a time. We recycle. "Things That Work."

I don't have a photo of it, but his latest fave is chewing on (rinsed out and emptied) Gatorade bottles. He'll chew on a bottle for a few days. Takes it outside. Carries it around the yard. It works better than a rawhide because it lasts longer! He'll chew a bone up in less than ten minutes. When Daisy (older dog) gets annoyed with him, she either steals the bottle OR the other day...peed on it. That's right. Peed. Right. On. It. I'm not gonna lie, he looked offended like "what? how COULD you?"

May I present to you..Headless Bear! He's been carting this one around since winter.

Flattened giraffe and puppy. See the stuffing he's pulled out? This is why we don't buy new toys unless they're from the Dollar Store. I keep telling Brad "When he gets older, I'll just restuff all of these and sew them up!"  or "This is why we don't have nice things!!"

Found this the other night as I headed to our bedroom! It's a large stuffed bear/seat. He loves it. He was playing nicely with it earlier in the day. Kissing it. Sitting on it. He blended WITH the bear "where does the bear end and the puppy begin?" sweet! And then..this!

He really likes the stuffing! No worries, I will stuff it all back in and sew it up..and save it for a later date. He cannot be trusted!

In other news, we're selling a bunch of stuff on Craiglist as we're going to be moving and downsizing this fall. It actually feels good and I'm excited to purge! So..I'm off to meet random strangers to sell things!

Happy Thursday, Peeps!



Anonymous said...

lol ahh yes, the puppy carnage. It's good stuff, Maynard. The fact that the bear's face HAS been "defaced" is especially disconcerting. At least we hope it's not personal. But yes, the stuffing strewn about is exactly what makes for the visual hilarity. Flattened stuffed toy bodies randomly laying askew against the pristine and polished wood's a visual that's hard to ignore. I remember many a time when we came back from getting McDonald's cones only to see a new random pattern of flattened toy shapes on the floor, as if Curtis was a teenager who completely "goes nuts" when his "parents" are out of the house. Party down, Curtis, you keep me young.

your cousin/bff/Kim

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Holy Cow, I always thougth of Curtis as being so...benign! Homeboy clearly means serious harm to All Things Plush.

I'll be sure to not wear anything too fluffy when I come visit.