Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Favorite Little Ones

That's right.

Some/most of them are right here in my own little family.

I must say the next generation is rocking it & are just in general, good peeps. Thoughtful kids. Kind. Warm. Loving.

Cuties from L-R: Andrew, Kirsten (background), Amanda, Nick (blue shirt- graduated tonight! YOW!!),Emerson and Madison.  This moment was right before what I called "Man Down!" on the trampoline. There was a traffic jam and minor injury. No photo of event. I mean I have it. But people need to be protected! ;-)

Emerson. Andrew. Amanda. Such little hams!

I may have posted this before. Maybe not. Memory is not nor has never been one of my "strengths". Even as a child, my mom would say "Good God, Tina! How can you not remember that? Your memory is worse than mine!" Ummm..Thank You?  I digress. Emerson and Andrew. School carnivale. Yes. I said Carnivale. For many reasons. You had to be there that year. There was a mom in spiked heels. 6pm. 90 degrees in the sun. My feet felt swollen and hot. I was happy to just not pass out & to have a swig of the liter of Orange Pop that Emerson and Andrew won.  That's neither here nor there..this photo always makes me laugh! OUT LOUD. Some day...I think they will all be happy about the photos that I obsessively take.

I was born in 1972. I have an older sister & older brother. There's a photo of me as a newborn. Then at maybe a year. Then three years old. Then school pictures. When I asked my mom I'd get "The camera broke, Tina!" My cousin and b/f/f has shown me photos of me that I did not believe were me! I had no real idea what I looked like at two...9 months, etc. So I'd fight her on it: "That is NOT me, Kim! Why is that baby so bald and wearing moccasins? Everything is mismatched! Powder blue pants and fire engine red shirt? That's a mom who was color blind or didn't care!" Alas, it was MY mom.  I didn't know I was bald until I was about four.  The point? Because of this, I take A LOT of photos. Perhaps too many.

Rockin' it in Madison's room. I think Andrew is Elton John, Em...Kung Fu Fighter? Madison? Just cute.

Yep. I am "that person". I even take photos of the tomatoes we yield! Me and Emerson. Harvest..Fall 2011. I believe we planted our tomatoes from seeds too late. Who knew that March was too late? The year prior our pumpkin seeds were never helped along by the bees. I was told this when my mother-in-law visited. It sounded like blame. I cannot control the bees!  Anyway..we ended up getting a good 12 tomatoes! I made us a pizza and Emerson said "The bad that I don't really like tomatoes, Auntie Tina." So hilarious.

I'm off to watch some HGTV possibly. Maybe even a movie. I just don't know. The road is wide open! Maybe even some Words With Friends! Nerd Alert. But I love it. My game is getting  better monthly AND my goal is to beat my husband someday soon. He's annoyingly good.

Over & Out All!

Have a lovely evening!


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