Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Porcelain Elephants And Random Thoughts And Times

You read that right.

When was the last time you felt like you needed to buy three porcelain elephants from Europe? At a cost of around $70 and they're definitely NOT a necessity AND you're about to head out for vacation?

I saw these on Etsy today & I can't stop thinking about them! Here's the link in case you must buy them as I will exert some self control:

Maybe it's because I just spent the past hour outside with the dogs and it's about 100 in the sun? Who knows? What I do know is I saw these and my heart sang! By the way..I moved our thermometer in the sun on our back porch to see how hot it was as it was 90 in the sun. It has gone beyond the hottest temp and is back at 60 degrees. Did the heat break it?

In totally UNRELATED news: Something (I think it's a cat!) is going to the bathroom in our firepit! In the sand! The dogs are continually drawn to it & I headed over there today and droppings. Good times, folks! I can FEEL the envy from some of you.

Also: Curtis the puppy: 5  Birds: 0. He has now killed five birds here in the past month. I couldn't talk about it for weeks because it was too upsetting. I have told a few friends that if these were Civil War times (anyone read "Cold Mountain" by Charles Frazier or did you see the movie with Nicole Kidman & Jude Law? She was starving on her farm until Ruby Renee Zellweger came & taught her how to feed herself, etc..) that Curtis could probably just keep the whole family going with his hunting. We have food, so it's very depressing. Aside from fake owls..feel free to let me know if you have any ideas..anyone?

I had posted this as one of my FAVE Pinterest finds about a month or so ago hubby Brad surprised me by buying it for me! He said "I knew you'd never buy it for yourself, so I did."

It fits perfectly. Like a glove. And I THINK the money went to a charity. It was spendy. He is sweet. The cutest part? All of a sudden one night (during another bout with insomnia. "Things That Do NOT Work.") while he was at work and I was still awake, I received this notification from Pinterest "Bradley is following all of your boards." I found it..ODD. He's not very interested in Pinterest. I've tried to tell him about all of the things that one can find..alas..very little interest. So this was odd. I thought "Maybe he finally gets it!"  Apparently he couldn't figure it out, so he had a girl at work (Thank You, Elyse!) help him figure out how to buy it via Pinterest, etc. Bradders. Sweet.

Because I'm already all over the place with this post..why not go Balls To The Wall and just keep on with the unrelated everything?

I present to you November 2008. Grand Island, Bahamas. My sister and friend Eric a few days after our wedding. The Golden Girls are behind them playing cards. We loved that they were all vacationing together and in my mind I thought "We will all do this when WE are that age!"

Emerson. Same trip. He was five. He wore this life jacket pretty much 98% of the time. He was a nervous swimmer back then. He's really good now, but then...a bit scared and would tell Brad "Uncle Brad! Leave it on! This is NOT a toy!"

Emerson and his mommy. My sister Dawn. 

Our wedding reception. On the way in. It was lovely. Em was the ringbearer. Look at that shirt! He still wears it for special school occasions. It always makes me laugh!

I've always loved a good nap! My old townhome. I think I felt awful this day & Brad brought me a bag of donuts, Oprah magazines and ibuprofen! Good times, Terri! I knew then that I COULD marry him. You've got to be able to care for people when they're down, or what's the point?

I leave you with Canada in the evening. Ahhh. We usually go every summer. We're headed to Colorado next week for a road trip instead. Fires will not stop us! 

Seems like the perfect time for a lemonade with vodka EXCEPT that it's not even 2pm!

Happy Wednesday!

Did anyone watch the Tori Spelling craft show?!!



Anonymous said...

Yeow!! It IS random and yet I ain't hatin' it! BAM! My comments will be JUST as random!

If there were such things as pretty sticks, you and Dawn would have been beaten senseless. All the good genetics ended up on that side of the family. You're all petite and pretty and yet you all still somehow manage to have the strength of a thousand angry night leopards. In the end times, if Curtis didn't kill birds for you, I'm sure you'd handily wrestle someone to the ground for the last can of creamed corn. The point is: I want you on my side. I will fashion the shims, you will use them.

You somehow manage to even look good while you sleep. This wouldn't work for me. My neck would bunch up like a "skin turtleneck" and/or I'd unintentionally look overtly sensual, as if I was trying to start some kind of "light R" rated website. And we both know I'm not doing that. Yet. ;) (I kid! <--feeling as if I need to add disclaimers for strangers who might read this, because they don't know me and therefore don't know that I'd be more likely to sweat through a wool poncho at the pool then to actively pose like a sassy, provocative kitten. I'd be going for "kitten" and end up emoting a lot of "hungry badger" energy.)

In other news: I just ate 12 italian cookies.

And thanks! I guess my hunt for 3 gradually diminishing-in-size porcelain white elephants is over. Yay! You provide a service, and I want that service.

The way your life is going right now with Curtis and the birds and the wood ticks and the whatever-it-is that's pooping in your sandbox, it's very much like you're some kind of domestic, unintentional forest ranger. You should get a hat. Maybe pin one so Brad can buy it. As you know, I'm sorry you've had to witness bird destruction. It IS disturbing. I wouldn't be able to stop screaming.

And yes, Brad is a keeper! Always number one on the mate-selection list: "will this person spoon feed me the creamed corn I just wrestled out of that guy's hands?"

I luhs you and yer picture show!

your cousin/bff/Kim said...


I am SNORTING! Every sentence..funnier than the last.

Que seso, HUH?

How is this even possible?

I maintain that you are the funniest person on the planet, hands down!

Livin Large- Forest Ranger Style~


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