Saturday, June 2, 2012

He Sometimes Sleeps Upright.

This "happened" last night as I was online and Curtis my puppy was tired. He was under the desk, disappeared for a bit & resurfaced sitting on a chair. Staring at me. As in "Come on, Lady! Bedtime!"  Those are some of his favorite words in addition to "treats" "walk" and "outside". He's been an early riser & even earlier to bed since we got him last July. I'm a nightowl so to say our first few months were sort of hellish is putting it mildly. For the first 3 months he was here, he wanted to go to bed around 7pm and rise at 5:30-6AM!!  We've both made concessions and he now stays up a bit later & sleeps in more.

Good LAWD!! The cute factor is extremely high here!

I sent this to Brad at work and he said "I think he was tired but wanted to be able to see you!" He follows me from room to room. Brad jokes when he has bad dreams "I think he's probably dreaming about you walking out of a room." Lol. So darling.

Need some cute birch baskets? New items in my Etsy shop today. These work well for weddings but are rustic and can really be used anywhere.

In other unrelated news...I will be planting in my yard today AND possibly getting either A) A slice of red velvet cake. I kid you not. Somewhere. Someway. OR..B) One of those (maybe even two or three!) cheap cheese danishes that you can buy at a Walgreens. Damn, they are good!

Happiest of Saturdays!




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