Sunday, June 24, 2012

Andrew's Tenth Birthday!

Andrew is TEN, friends! And YES, he did receive many, many Nerf guns from his friends! They were all over the house on Saturday. Propped by the front door, back door and out in the yard. The new one squirts out water in a circular motion!

Apparently he has ONE girlfriend guessed it...ONE candle remained lit! What is the origin of that whole deal anyway? Anyone know? Someone's weird uncle trying to be interesting?

I took this shot as I found it hilarious that he received three cards that were exactly the same! Come on, card companies! I told him "You'll probably think this is funny in the future just like my Uncle Jim did that one christmas when he received like..14 flannel shirts." He just laughed but looked kind of perplexed.  I always wonder in these situations (as well as Uncle Jim's) do you retain the excitement as you're opening the identical items? "Oh..thanks..same card again. Did you guys buy these together? Was there a sale?"

My nephew Emerson and his mom, my sister Dawn. I take these candid shots because A) She's not really a fan, but I am. B) She likes very staged shots. Me? Not so much. I think this shows Em's personality. Too often in the smiley ones, the kids are a million miles away and aren't even present. So in the future you can all say "Hey! Another Robot Shot!"

After pizza, gifts, cake and ice cream the family played a nail biting game of Pillow Toss or Beanie Bags or whatever it's called. It's all fairly new to me. The kids seem to get really into it, so it's cute to watch. I find the rules odd. It's almost as if to win it's better to be somewhat mediocre. "Do NOT get that bag in that hole again or you lose X points!" Huh? So you're saying do NOT do this overly well?

This photo makes me laugh because everyone looks so damned serious! That's John (Andrew's dad and Dawn's amour) and Dawn and little Ava.

The cuteness almost hurts! Look at that side braid and that headband fascinator! DARLING.

Again. Look at that little face. She uses "like" a lot.  As in "yeah..I'm like three now and my birthday is like...I think March 14th??"

All of the kids...Ava, Juliana (Amanda's friend and constant sidekick these days. They are 13. And everything we do is lame, embarrassing and very, very uncool!) Amanda, Andrew and Emerson.

Me and Em. I had to rock a side braid due to crazy messy hair, little time to fix it and Don King craziness and too much humidity.

Andrew rounded out the evening showing me some very cool magic tricks that he's learned on YouTube from Michael Weatherbee? A magician. I learned a few things...a cup trick, a card trick and how to make it look as if I'm floating about an inch off of the ground.  Who knows where these new skillZ can take me? God only knows!

Hope your Sunday was mellow, calm and beautiful! Mine was!


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Anonymous said...

As you aptly pointed out separately, Andrew receiving 3 identical cards is very reminiscent of the year Uncle Jimmy received, "Eight Flannel shirts" and we could not stop laughing. It's still just as good! And you said something to him like, "what was it like when you opened the third shirt? Did you have to keep acting surprised and pleased?" And we couldn't imagine his facial expression at shirt 5, or even shirt 7! Good times.

You can use your new magic skillz with ME! You know how much I love Harry Potter. YOu could be MY Harry Potter. Time to get yourself a cape! Pin it! Start a whole cape board!

Another round of cute awesome pictures that make me happy.

your cousin/bff/Kim