Saturday, June 23, 2012

Crafting Your A$$ Off.

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Tori Spelling's new crafting show on TLC. Saw a preview for the first time about two nights ago.

Was not expecting to hear that one lone man (will he be the only guy on the show? Who knows?) say this "I am going to craft my ASS off!"

I burst out laughing. Brad was sleeping.

I really wanted to wake him up to show him, but settled for rewinding and recording that on our DVR.

I played it for him the next day and we both had a good laugh.

It is still on my DVR. Is that odd? I save things like that for moments when I'm down and need to be lifted up.

Please view preview here. You'll be glad you did ("You're Gonna Like The Way You Look!" - Mens Wearhouse guy!):

I'm actually kind of excited because I have found Design Star to be again..lacking this year. Don't get me wrong. They do have some really good designers. The chick from Minneapolis is quite talented. I am jazzed that the moronic Luca has been voted off. But overall..come on! As a designer and a former student of design, I find I am underwhelmed by what they come up with many times. Ideate! I always tell my hubby "If I  had come up with something like that for my design studio project, I would have been laughed at. F! I give it an F!"  If you watch Project Runway or even Top Chef and see the creativity of those peeps, it just makes Design Star seem lame in comparison. And it is.

In other crafty news...this is amazingly beautiful. I may even try and make one someday..someway.

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I'm off to eat something amazing. I feel like making one of those amazing frittatta recipes from Pinterest...but will probably settle for scrambled eggs as Brad (In House "Chef") is sleeping because he works tonight AND..let's be honest friends..I think that the Frittatta is beyond my comfort level and cooking capabilities.

We can't all be good at everything!

HOLLA-ING from the rooftops!

Happy Saturday!



Hyphen Interiors said...

Ahh, I love Tori, so can't wait to check out her new show. I need to catch just when it comes on so I can record the series! said...

Hi Kristy!

Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!! I'm counting down to Tuesday night- I also love Tori and am also excited to see.."that guy"! ;-)

Anonymous said...

You know I 100% agree about Design Star. I could not agree more. I am at maximum agreement. Luca's confidence was as large as his lack of talent, and that isn't a good thing. And you know I agree with you: that the show ALWAYS leaves me feeling sort of dissatisfied. In fact, I see WAY more talented peeps and rooms on the web, on people's blogs, then I do on that show.

I haven't seen Tori's Craft show yet! I can't wait!! Save them for me and I'll watch them with you! Waiting for someone to "put a bird on it".

not actively putting birds on things,
your cousin/bff/Kim