Friday, July 13, 2012

The Next Time You're In Nebraska...

Specifically YORK, Nebraska..Go here!

There was a sweet older woman who worked the drive thru. Let's be honest, she ROCKED the drive thru. Brad ordered a mocha and she sweetly told him "I put a whole candy bar in there!"  Sounds terribly good and unhealthy. Again, I say YES!

I have an obsession with small towns and coffee houses. I am not embarrassed to say that I made my hubby drive by here on our way BACK from Colorado so I could photograph it.  I will also go on record as saying: I think Nebraska is beautiful. In its own way. It's no Colorado and doesn't have that kind of beauty, but it's pretty. When I lived in Arizona and would roadtrip "home" to Minnesota in the summers, I always cried once I got to Nebraska. It would suddenly feel humid and smell of corn and it was home to me. Always will be.

Next up..somewhere in Iowa. Iowa is so pretty. Especially the southwestern part. So many windmills! I did research after we returned because they have sooo many windmills and...apparently around 18% of the state's electricity comes from wind power. I find that exciting!

Who knew rest stops could be soo pretty? Are these black eyed susans? It was above 100 degrees when we stopped here and on the way out I said "Brad! Get into those flowers!" and he was hot and annoyed and said "YOU get in those flowers!" and I said "I don't want a picture of me!" and needless to say...he was too hot and possibly annoyed with my mad photography SKILLZ on said day...and is nowhere to be found in photos. I had envisioned him in the flowers a la Anne Geddes style.  No dice. But the flowers...lovely.

In other weekly  news...Emerson had his last soccer game this past week. Crazy Dino's season is over! I always referred to them as "Fighting Dino's" as a  secret nod to Fighting Irish. Yes, we do have some irish in us via Granny McDaniels!  Here is his trophy. He was told by his coaches that he's one of the team's most valuable players AND we now have a button of him. Brad is wearing the button in this pic. So cute. Can you tell we really need to have kids of our own?

We've also just been hanging with the dog babies since returning. I don't think they were huge fans of us being away for a good week. We did learn a few tricks from the Hidden Acres Pet Ranch...kong dog balls filled with peanut butter, put in freezer during the day and used as a "turn down snack" before bed! Genius! Keeps them both busy for a good 20 minutes and makes them tired!  Here we all are watching Season Five of "Weeds". I need to touch up my blackish roots but the heat makes me not care so much. Is that bad?

I leave you all with this TEASER..BRAD made homemade, from scratch PINK LEMONADE CAKE! He found the recipe in my Better Homes and Gardens magazine. It. Is. Delicious. I think I may have asked him "What's it like to be good at mostly everything AND have perfect skin?" My best friend refers to him as "LBS" as in "Loves Baby Soft" because his skin is baby perfect. 
He's back to work for the next week. I fear a sugar conniption coming on...


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Anonymous said...

WOW, this is the one time I can be sort of "okay" with the fact that we don't live as close as we'd like. Because I would NAIL that cake. Dayum, looks so good! And buttercreamy. You know how I feel about buttercream. (I think you'll somehow have to find a way to get a piece of that in me tomorrow....)

Yes! LBS is Loves Baby Soft because his skin is so smooth and perfect and because with his shaved head, he is perfectly spherical. Like a perfect, pink, man with baby-skin. It's insane. (Why is it that dudes always have luscious, long, lashes, and perfect, poreless skin? Right up there with "youth is wasted on the young" should be "pretty is wasted on the dudes"!)

I love the name YORK. It sounds so Colonial, and therefore it makes me think of historical villages and Paul Revere, even though it's Nebraska.

And I wholeheartedly agree with you about all those states - so beautiful! One hilarious comedian said it best when he was talking about how people miss out when they think of the country as "New York, L.A., and then the Midwest" *gestures to cover the entire country* So much beautiful topography in this country, in EVERY state.

I remember many beautiful rest stops in Iowa when I was a kidlet on road trips with the family! There was one there in particular that I still think about to this day whenever I want to feel relaxed and peaceful - it had a giant lookout that hovered over the most enormous field of wheat, stretching for miles and miles and miles. It looked like those pics of sunflower fields, except with wheat. Such a happy memory.

So excited that you got a great "turn down" idea for the dogs! That'll help a ton.

How cute are you on the couch??????? Ahhhhh!!!!

Love that Emerson was told he was one of the team's MVPs, so awesome! Such a cute picture of the three of you that captures all warmth that you share.

Thanks for being "You" and for sharing "you" with us.

Granny McDaniels was full Irish and used to march in the St. Patrick's day parade......even in her 70's!! lol I always found that adorable, especially given the fact that she was 4 foot 11. So cute!!

rambling off a response before I eat more cupcakes,
your bff/cousin/Kim