Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Where I'll Be Wednesday & Hop The Movie

Just popping in to say HEYYYY!!!

Also..to let anyone reading know that I'll be guest posting tomorrow (Wednesday) at Life Of Splendor.  I'll be sharing my kitchen remodel story. If you want to see an ugly kitchen (and you may have already seen it here as I blogged about it awhile back)...go here tomorrow:


I'd also like to say that while our kitchen wasn't the worst of offenders, that the issue was our home was a model home for the builder before it sold. There was one owner before us. Apparently an investor and then the market turned to crapola and so he lost money and it was foreclosed upon. Enter me and Brad back in 2008! "Someone had to buy it!"  So the point..and I do have one...if this kitchen of ours before was a showcase kitchen, I'd hate to see what the builder grade would have looked like. I also say with men..not ALL men, just some: Leave the design decisions to a lady, a professional OR get some input and ideas from magazines before you go matching everything in harsh orangelicious tones! Ugh.

Today I am working on finishing up a few Etsy orders, found a tick on the puppy and I may have more coffee due to a caffeine headache! "Here's what's happening on the Ranch!" Nod to the Pioneer Woman who I LOVE! Love her show on the Food Network.

Related to NOTHING in this post: I miss Colorado and wish we could go back!

I also NEED to mention that I babysat my nephew Emerson yesterday. We had a great time and we rented "Hop"..so darling! Laugh out loud funny and good for adults and kids! Five stars!

Have a fabulous day!!




Anonymous said...

Just checked out your guest blog post on lifeofsplendor.com - and I fell in love with your "new" kitchen all over again! Once you really see ALL the stages at one time, including the yellow-with-oak combo, and the often coveted, and very pretty, "blue tape" stage, you really appreciate the remodel that much more. Bravo!

And I have to lol at "jealous much?" during your remodel. Good stuff, Maynard.

I too love the Pioneer Woman. My fave! I just love the whole format of that show, and my absolute favorite thing about that entire show is...her son Todd. OMG that kid is so adorable. He's so sincere and lovable. And the sizzlin' romance between her and her hubby? Ooo CHILD! That's good! She constantly talks about his butt. And I'm totally on board with that. (Meaning, enjoying your spouse's rear.)

You'll be in Colorado again one day soon - maybe next summer. And any time you come back from a vacation, there is this intense nostalgia for the trip. You know why? Because vacations are awesome, that's why. You're not worried about time or budgets or work or eating 5 servings of vegetables, unless they're wrapped in bacon and fried in happy angel tears! (Which doesn't end up feeling good physically, but emotionally, it's pretty kick ass.) So you end up getting "swollen...on goat meat", while riding the rocket ship of hedonism into the stratosphere. And you pair THAT experience with majestic scenic vistas? Heck YEAH you want to return.

Plus road trips are always filled with an abundance of gas station snack cakes. And you know who loves gas snack cakes? Oh that's right, everyone.

Side note: speaking of your mom recently - your family is the entire reason I even had the experience of gorging on a Suzy-Q! You guys always had an abundance of snack cakes at your house, and I had my first one ever over there!

Hop IS an adorable movie! I can't wait to see it all the way through.

live long and prosper,
your cousin/bff/Kim

Mike said...

I'm glad you had a good time with your nephew Emerson. I love to hang out with my niece. I try to as much as possible.