Friday, August 3, 2012

I'm Still Alive And Other Things

I'm still here!!

I've been a bit ill this week. Without going into too many details, a lot if it has to do with cramps, weird crying jags, eating lots of donuts, red velvet (mini!) cupcakes from our friends at Target...and watching some Lifetime television in between "sleeps".

For those who are interested: The generic "Twinkies" that they sell at Walmart are "eh". Not so good. They do not have the full/chemical Hostess Twinkie flavor. So it let's you down. Down. Down.

This photo is from Monday. I felt fine then. Hey! My roots are black! So I did this: I flipped my part to the opposing side! Worked for a good day! Look at the falls! Look at my Starbucks frappuccino! Jealous?!

Brad was supposed to have a CPR class for work in Minneapolis and I went with. No time like the present to practice on a dummy for future scary situations.

No. We decided we'd have lunch and do fun stuff in and around the city after his class. So we went to visit the Minnehaha Falls near Lake Nokomis. Bradders had never seen them.
Look! Another one of our famous self shots! The best part here? Afterward I said "I don't think we even have the falls behind us here. We could be anywhere..."

Here they are!!

It was a very beautiful and very hot 90 degree day. I'd say a good ten degrees cooler in the shade!

During my illness Brad made me breakfast in bed, took care of the baby dogs, did tons of laundry but what we both forgot? Garbage day on Thursday morning! If you don't get it out there by 6:30AM, you're stuck with your steaming garbage for another week. The best part? Wednesday night we drove to get ice cream cones. On the way back, I passed judgement on our neighbors saying (as I have many times before as they are only two people and their motto is "go big or go home") "Good god! How can two people emit so much damned garbage?" as I saw their huge and overflowing garbage can, with added garbage on the side and all over.

Why this is funny? It never occurred to me "oh..that garbage is out because tomorrow is garbage day!" so we have now spent the last day making fun of OURSELVES. That's what you get for being a judgemental bastard (me!)..dirty garbage. It smelled so bad (food items, etc.. lots of cooking..or "Hunger Me Cookin" for Kim! Special sauce! Special message!) we had to move it out of the garage and on the driveway.

Anyway..doesn't make the neighbor less douchebaggy..maybe it just makes me douchebag jr.? Who knows? Jury's out. Whenever Brad tells me "You're so nice" I always say "Opinions vary, Kid." For the most part I am kind. I want to be. There are certain people I've realized I just don't like. These are the gray areas that make a lot of us uncomfy. It is what it is. I take solace in the fact that the few peeps I don't enjoy dogs seem to naturally feel the same way without any prodding from me. They pick up on energy and other things that we humans aren't good at. So..I can't be that off.  Both dogs go out of their way to TRY and attack said man. They never get to his house. But they have tried...

Where am I going with this? I don't know.

On to other things..I DID try and buy the doggies a small kiddie pool at Walmart last week. They stopped selling them weeks ago! Lesson: you snooze, you lose!!

I"m off to run errands and to see the world again!

Have a lovely  Friday!




Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

The Other Tina, here! Sorry to hear that you were feeling crappy, but sounds like you have awesome backup in the Bradders.
We've all had summer colds, which I find extremely irritating. Snot heads, we are.
No doggie pool??? Just Xmas ornaments, I bet!
Donuts, cupcakes and faux Twinkies?
I want some cake now. I think I'll have to settle for watermelon sorbet. Not cake, but it'll do.
I've been buried in my sewing room for days trying to restore order, so I'm thinking that I deserve cake. Tomorrow, tomorrow.
Hope you have a great weekend!

xxx, TOT said...


Hilarious and clever with the acronym for our shared name!

Colds in August? Dammit all, Texas! It's been so hot here all summer that I'm constantly telling my best friend "everything is turning moldy! "

I will regret not loving the extreme heat come January.

Hope you're having sweet dreams.



Anonymous said...

lol on your garbage situation, and it reminds me of the time when I was angry at the neighbors for their inexplicable, mid-day fire alarm ....only to realize *I* was the jerkwad who's fire alarm was going nuts. Live and learn, and "turn on your heart lights!" - (good lessons always come in the form of Neil Diamond credos.)

Sidebar: I am also loving the "TOT" acronym, it's perfect in many ways, including historically! And it makes me want to call you both Tater Tots, for no reason other than I don't know, I always default to the obvious food reference.

lol thanks for the special cookie with "Hunger me cookin'" - special sauce is right! "Cleverity, restored!" - thanks for reminding me of that, kid.

I'm seeing you in T-minus 11.5 hours! Yay!

your cousin/bff/Kim