Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I'm off to see my lovely girl today...Kimster..Paduwan..Shazzeriffic... I'm sure I will have "legendary tales" to share after today!

The things we will do!

"Oh! The places you will go!"

She lives an hour away, so once I make the drive I like to tell her "I'd like for you to drive me around your hood a la Driving Miss Daisy! Think of me as Jessica Tandy and YES..I'll be riding in the backseat!"

I can FEEL the envy!

Have a great day everyone!




Ioana-Carmen said...

that`s so nice!!

Anonymous said...

lol I just now noticed your homage to me in your "leave a comment" section! Has this been here awhile?? Just noticed it now!!

Anyhow, yes, it WAS truly legen...wait for it....dary. Potatoes with eyes, knitter's showcase, and "banana?" When I'm tired, I'm confused.

I'm always happy to cart you around like Jessica Tandy - next time I want you in loose fitting pantyhose! So loose that we can store small hand bags in the loose "areas". (What that means is up to you.)

Counting the days until our next "date",
your bff/Kim/cousin