Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Yellow. Yam. Fall Color Inspiration and Ignoring Rules.

Just wanted to let you all know...I am MOVING things around in our house again! And none of it follows the rules BUT...some of it is working.

Job One: I have always disliked our dining room. It's just "eh" no matter what we've done simply because there's no natural light. Yes, I have a large mirror on the wall reflecting light from the window in the opposite room, but it's always been dark and dreary. So I moved the table into the sunroom a few days ago and bliss! I'll take some photos tomorrow to share. It's sunny and warm. I have begun working in there and using the table to make my creations. Very. Happy. The point? Why do we bother following the rules? We have hardly sat at the table in four plus years! Now I'm at it everyday and we had a rousing game night with Emerson on said table last week. His first try at Balderdash and he did very well. Was even judgemental at a certain point as he "the dasher" silently read the answer I gave to him, shook his head and said 'NICE, Auntie Tina!"

I'm also in the process of painting our front door yellow. I was going to do an orange but remembered being inspired by pumpkins back in 2005 and painting the living room of my townhome  a color called "yam". Big mistake. But see? I am victim to the changing seasons! So I settled on yellow and..damn it's bright! I'm painting over a black door, so anything will look too bright..but...as a fan of "too many  neutrals" as those close have told me..this is kinda big. Pics in a day!

image via art-paints.com. Trust me. Just say no.

TEASERS! We all need cliff hangers to make life interesting, I think.

In other news: Curtis our puppy found and ate a whole cucumber in the tall grasses beyond our backyard tonight. I could NOT get that thing out of his mouth, that kid is fast! As I researched it with fear in my gut, I read that they are non toxic. One possibility is diarrhea as he's never eaten them before. Praying for that to NOT happen tonight during my slumber! He also found a hot dog bun on our walk yesterday. I think I'm fairly quick with him and with watching..but geez! I may have had the nerve to look up at a cloud or something for three seconds...

I'm currently researching natural alternatives to ibuprofen as Brad my cute hubby is nearing his surgery date and the constant ibuprofen for pain is taking a toll. I would sincerely appreciate any help from anyone and everyone!

Rock this Tuesday, Kids!




Nicole said...

I love yellow (and have had more than one decorating mishap with too bright yellow) and once painted my bedroom a beautiful shade of warm apricot orange. Which was kind of dayglo once the room was finished. Let's just say my newly wedded husband was less than thrilled :)

Good job being brave, and really, doesn't everyone need a little colour?

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Show me the yellow door. Pronto!

What's up with us getting all colorful up in here? I'm shocking even myself.

We are rebels.

Anonymous said...

And the good news is I can totally see you painting the door a different color come the holidays....because it's paint! And you're a change agent. (That's my new moniker for your special sauce ways.) Maybe you'll have a cranberry door come December! And an ice blue door come January.....maybe you can even randomly paint silhouettes/shadows on the door...a scarecrow, a turkey....Curtis, in profile!

We hadn't talked about the orange pumpkin door idea since you first mentioned it to me, but I was about to remind you of your own feelings about your yam walls in the town home, where every day you were punched in the face by yam! Just like you and Nicole above discovered....orange can be tricky!

Love this shot of Curtis paired with the cucumber story - here's hoping he hasn't woken you up with unwelcome bathroom tricks.

You know I love the change up and not following the rules! My master bedroom is my studio!

your cousin/bff/Kim

Tina@thriftingwithcake.blogspot.com said...

Nicole and Shannan~

Brad said this today (it is now finished, the door with three coats of paint) "It is sooo bright that it doesn't even match anything on the house!" Me: "What are you talking about? We have some yellow siding..it's mellow but this is FUN!" He thinks it looks terrible, but is funny.

For me..the jury is out.

If it makes me and most people feel funny and happy, I say yes.

And if it bugs one annoyingly nosy neighbor who I caught STARING at me after 11pm while I let dogs out for potty break..so be it.

Kim...I'm still healing over that yam color at my townhome. Remember how many coats it took? The primer? And by the time I was done, I hated it but was just too damned tired to care.

And so I had only white accents for a year, people! And a white christmas tree. My hand was forced. Anything else would have been pure Beetlejuice!

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Ha! Let's see it right now! I demand to see the yammy door!
Aw, little Curtis! Did he get sick? My dogs love veggies...especially YAMS!!! ;)
xxx, TOT